"..." Aman looked indifferently at Chloe who had fallen asleep in his room. "Did you call the doctor this afternoon?"

"Young Master, the doctor did come," Bucky said, "and she gave us the Young Madam's physiological cycle, but today, it's not her ovulation period."

Aman saw Chloe's periodic table, he frowned slightly. "I asked you to call a doctor to have a physical examination for her. Later, let the chef pay attention to arrange her nutrition diet. She is so thin, do you want others to think that I, Aman, can't afford to feed a wife?"

Even if they were secretly married, his friends still knew that, and knew Chloe was his wife.

Bucky was shocked. "Ah? Young Master, didn't you say that you wanted the doctor to calculate the period? And didn't you say that you had a marriage agreement..."

"OK, I'm going to rest." Aman handed the report back to the Bucky. "Just let her stay here in the future."

"Yes, sir." Bucky nodded with shame. "I'l ask the doctor to come over another day to have a physical examination for Young Madam. Today is Young Madam and your wedding night... It doesn't matter if you sleep together."

Aman entered the room, he took off and his clothes, and went to the bathroom to take a bath. When he came out, he saw Chloe was sleeping soundly.

She slept on the quilt.

Her sweet little face was very quiet, holding a pink fist in front of her lips, and her thumb pressed against her lips like a baby... Her sleeping appearance always made people guess her beauty and loveliness.

But she was a woman after all, and the picture of her naked body wrapped in a bath towel was always full of temptation. Aman looked at her for a while, and his mind was full of the crazy scenes of the sex at the hotel that night. Thinking about this, he felt a little thirsty.

He walked over and shook her shoulder. "Chloe?"

Chloe did not respond. She was having a sweet dream, and her pink lips were moving a little.

Aman put his arm under her neck and was ready to lift her. "Your room is on the opposite side. It's impossible to be all right if you sleep on my bed."



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daytime, and the muscles on his face were not so stiff. His thin lips had a faint color, and his breathing was steady and calm. His uncombed hair, fell down along his forehead and rested on the pillow with black

swallowed her fear

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