Thinking of Chloe Bishop's blushed face just now, he actually felt that it was quite interesting...

"Young Madam likes it?" As soon as John asked, he immediately lowered his head. "Sorry, President , I'll buy it right away."

After John left, Aman received a call from the Chairman of Dior Corporation.

Hearing the Chairman's words, he said in a cold voice, "... it's my words. Your daughter has offended my woman. It's natural for me to forbid her to come to Dejor and cancel the cooperation with Dior."

On the other side of the phone, the Chairman of Dior was furious. "Aman! My daughter is precious. How can the woman who was driven out of the Bishop family be compared with her? You ignored my face and let others beat my precious daughter on the spot-"

"She deserves to be beaten up." Aman said casually and hung up the phone. John quickly brought his things back,because Dejor Luxury Club owned everything. There was no need to buy anything at all.

John stood behind him and asked,

"President , Dior Corporation and Bishop Limited have always been opponents. This time, they are preparing to join the Emperor in order to continue competing for the market in America with Bishop Limited, but is it really fine to refuse the company this time? They are likely to cooperate with the Ali Enterprises."

"I originally didn't want to make a makeup brand." Aman expressed his lack of interest in that aspect. "Furthermore, his daughter dared to insult my wife, which means that she has offended me."

"Yes, President ," John replied.

The status of Emperor in America was unshakable, and the name Aman was also the name that no one dared to offend.

Chloe was his woman. The person who offended his woman was the same as offending him.

Aman turned around and asked, "My things?" John quickly lowered his head. "President ...all you need is here."

"What's wrong?"

Aman looked at his strange expression.

John adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses, and his usual serious face was inevitably embarrassed. "President , please let someone else buy this thing in the future. It would be misleading for me to buy such a big bag of it."

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