Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 191 Collapsed

As for the company's equipment, Jacob had no impression. In his memory, after the technology was introduced from abroad, he directly took over the signed equipment and so on. With years of experience in foreign countries and the inspection results presented, Jacob only asked his men to test it.

As for whether there was something wrong with the equipment, the situation was not clear. Jacob took a look at the police, who just stopped and turned around.

"This accident is not ruled out man-made and accidents." The policeman paused as if he had some unspeakable reason.

"What? Is there anything new?" Jacob was confused. What the policeman said meant that it might be man-made.

"The reason why it exploded is not because of the machine. It was because of people. In other words, the machine itself is fine and won't explode itself." The policeman looked up at the factory building. This accident was too serious.

Besides, the municipal government had been alerted and a special team had been specially set up for this incident. No matter what the reason was, it was hard to imagine.

"If it's not because of the machine, then why did it explode?" Jacob glanced at the factory building with a cold expression. How could such a thing happen? How much hatred was there that the murderer could ignore so many people's lives?

"This is just a preliminary judgment of the police, but we still have to discuss further about the following. At that time, please cooperate with the police closely to make it clear the whole story." The policeman continued to walk forward.

"Of course, it's our duty to cooperate with you. If you need any help, we will do it. But we hope this case can be solved as soon as possible. After all, the company is in a special period."

James then said what Jacob wanted to say. No one wanted to delay it for too long. The longer the delay, the greater the damage would be to the company. So, of course, the sooner, the better.

"Sir, what is the accident you just mentioned?" Jacob frowned. What kind of accident would lead to the explosion? The factory ordered that no fire was allowed to be lit, or anything with fire. How could such a thing happen?

to the factory to have a look. But it's very dangerous inside. You should think it over. Besides, some of the victims who were rescued were

reminded him. The more kind-hearted he was, the more confused Jacob

lit the fire? But for everyone's personal safety, the company had already written

fire into the factory. Did someone do

it was inconceivable, it had to be

needed to collect evidence at the scene of the case? Wouldn't it be not good for the police to solve the case if he went in? But considering that it would be better for him to go in, Jacob still hoped to go in

shocked that Mr. Jacob can come here in person. It's very dangerous for you to come here now. Do you know

of these tall factory buildings seemed to have been destroyed, which must

be someone injured as well. The building where the explosion happened was the production workshop of new

the Shi Group. You are very famous. Last time there was an accident in the bar and it was reported on the news. Few CEOs can be as unrestrained as you." The policeman was

was easy to get along with. He had always thought that rich people were like upstarts. When he saw Jacob today, his impression

get along with. Because of his coldness,

replied gently, without any

go in and check what was going on

it was dangerous, Jacob was eager to know the truth of the explosion. And it was suspicious that what the police

What happened today seemed to be a movie, and the theme of the

was just in one day, less than 24 hours, but so many things had happened in such a short time. Jacob was extremely tense. This

Jacob asked as he followed the policeman with a big mole in

do it alone?" The

many policemen were inside, but he used the wrong sentence. The

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