Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 210 Cornered

"What?" Sara was shocked. She could imagine everything in a flash. She could imagine why Chole had been so sad and desperate for so many years. She understood why was Jim so optimistic in Chole's eyes.

Jacob's eyes widened. He didn't expect that Chole had had such tragic experience. It turned out that everything Chole said that day was not groundless.

It turned out that all the sad stories were true. Jacob's heart sank. He felt as if his heart was twisted by someone.

"At that time, he insisted on being with me regardless of everyone's objection. He said I was a good girl and he wouldn't let me down. He has never failed me in his life, but I always lose my temper because of all kinds of trifles. "

Chole took the tissue handed over by Sara. She wanted to tell the world what a good person Jim was. She couldn't allow anyone to slander or frame Jim.

"At the beginning, I didn't know that I couldn't give birth to children. But as time went by, rumors began to spread in my village. Soon people began to say that I'm a hen which cannot lay eggs. Jim was angry, but he didn't know how to do. Finally he couldn't resist the threat of his family, so we went to the hospital for examination. "

Chole stared blankly at the ceiling, her eyes empty and dull. It never occurred to Sara that someone could be so expressionless when she talked about her tragic fate.

"Back to that time, I was very confident. I always believed that it was the problem of time for us to give birth, so I went to the examination without hesitation. But Jim didn't agree. He said there was no need to have such examination. I, however, was stubborn. I have to go. "

Chole would never forget the day when she went for the examination. She had always been optimistic and positive. Perhaps from that day, she had become completely different. Everyone's life was like a soap opera, but some were comedy, and some were tragedy. It was hard to explain.

Pursing her lips, Sara looked at Chole and wanted to cry. She had never believed that such tragedy would really happen in real life.

"I remember the day when I took the hospital notice, I felt like being sentenced to death. I don't know why he doesn't agree to have a check-up. He might think that no matter who was the one had sterility, it would be unacceptable. What he fears most was that I would blame myself if I was the one with the problem. "

Chole. If there was anything worth celebrating in her miserable life, it was that she met Jim, the

it weren't for Jim, her life would

between choose not to have child and couldn't have child. " Chole smiled bitterly. She hadn't told anyone about this for

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you ever thought about medical treatment?" There was a flash of expectation in Sara's eyes. Then she realized that if the treatment was effective, she would

have much money at home. After going to doctor for one year, my problem was still there. At that time, my mother-in-law asked Jim to divorce me,

of her mouth to the air. Perhaps there was no solution for her illness, so they were forced to

was no way out, they began to sacrifice. Death was

city. This is unforgivable in our village, so we have cut off contact with everyone in our hometown since then. But the

it was her lung discomfort that made her

who give up his family for you in that situation." Tears welled up from Sara's eyes. She had never expected that there would

be difficult to love a woman like this for one year, but it was too difficult to hold on

think that a good man like him shouldn't be dragged down by me. So on the day we came to the city, I

be desperate if he had lost Chole, which was the only thing left for him

him looking for me crazily everywhere in the city. At that time, I changed my mind. After I appeared

her, or perhaps he

The luckier she was in the past, the more painful she is now. Jim was a

chores, moved bricks and done all kinds of heavy works. He just didn't want me to do heavy work, so I'm working as a cashier in the supermarket till now. My

had talked too much that her throat was a

drink some water." Sara took a glass of water

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