Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 247 Are You Sure

"Forget it. I don't want to mention her. Let's never mention her again, okay? " Exhausted, Sara lay back in the chair. It seemed that she didn't want to continue the topic.

"Yes. If you don't want to mention her, I won't mention her again. " Jacob gave a doting look at Sara. Now their life had finally returned to peace, he could not make it be broken any more.

"I have felt a lot today. I really envy you to have such a friend." With one hand supporting her head, Sara squinted at the dim night. The night was long and terrible, and the cold wind enveloped the whole city.

Leaning against the car, Sara felt lucky to have Jacob by her side in the long night. But it was so late. Her father must be worried about her.

"If Alice came here today, would everyone be happier?" It seemed that she was talking to herself, or asking Jacob. In fact, what Sara wanted to ask more was whether Jacob would be happier if Alice came here today?

Women were such strange. They always liked to doubt themselves when they had something, and when they lost it, they lied to themselves to be relieved.

Jacob braked the car and pulled over. In the middle of the night, the car parked on the roadside.

Jacob turned to look at Sara with a gloomy expression. He reached out and gently pinched Sara's chin, getting closer and closer. A few centimeters away from Sara's face, Jacob stopped.

"Are you jealous?" Jacob asked Sara seriously as if it was a serious question. To be honest, he had never seen Sara being jealous of him, so Jacob was a little excited.

However, Jacob didn't show any expression on his face. He just stared at Sara in a daze.

Frowning, Sara looked at Jacob, but she couldn't help laughing. He also knew that she would be jealous. In the past so many years, he had never known that she was jealous because of him?

"Yes." Sara admitted generously. Her eyes were shining like gemstones in the dark night, and Jacob was also fascinated by them. She had never confessed her heart for so many years, but today she confessed it so easily.

"Sara." Jacob's face darkened. He didn't expect that Sara would admit that she was jealous so bluntly.

confused, and Jacob's expression was so

his eyebrows, but his voice was very gentle. It was not like a scold,

so comfortable arguing

love you." After saying

Sara opened her eyes wide and then closed them again. It was such a quiet night. How could she

her before, but she never felt love. Until now, Sara felt the love of Jacob.

for a long time, Jacob finally let go of Sara. It was late at

said you wouldn't mention her anymore, but you mentioned her again. So, this is your punishment.

not until now that Jacob realized that he had missed too much time with

her would always be returned to her.

Jacob seemed to change the direction. It was not until Sara saw Jacob's

you back so late, my father-in-law will think that I'm not a good son-in-law." Jacob explained to Sara as he

don't send me back." With a smile on her face, Sara didn't seem to be angry at all. If she went back so late, her father would definitely have a worse

message to her father to

longer the age of being restrained by her parents. Now, of course,

the door and waited for Jacob to stop the car. The

With an evil and attractive smile on his face, Jacob walked in with Sara

was the same as that of the day she married Jacob. Sara didn't know why she was so nervous, but her hands were burning

over and held

cold outside. "

took a step forward, Jacob held her in his arms. Jacob quickly

was cold outside just now. He was afraid that Sara would catch a cold. Now that he was back home, such worries did not exist. That was

side. Such

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