Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 254 Stop Here

James was overwhelmed when he saw Jacob cry in the room. He had already guessed something. He knew his brother very well. This made him sad. Now his eyes were already a little wet.

If it were up to him, he might have also made the same decision. He knew this would be the last time so he had to stay there.

He would never have another chance to visit him again in the hospital.

The biggest decision a person had to make was rejection. Reject everything. Reject the world. His elder brother might not be rejecting, but he was absolutely bidding the world goodbye.

He and Sara both silently watched the scene in the room with such an indescribable feeling.

Jacob wiped his tears. He had to pretend that he was strong because he couldn't make his father worry. He comforted himself by thinking that pretending to be strong actually made him stronger. But before he could help it, tears were already shedding from his eyes.

The memories that he wanted to hide away in a box seemed to have come out altogether.

"Finally, I... I can... I can go to see your mother... After so many years... she must be lonely. So now... you should be happy that she and I... Finally... we are reunited again,"

Michael said with a smile on his face. He had waited and struggled for so many years. Fortunately, he was still not ready to give up. But now it was about to end considering his terrible condition.

"Dad..." Jacob sobbed, feeling sadder than ever before. If only he knew about his father's condition earlier, he would have spent more time taking care of him.

been losing. He

high positions now may lose everything later. He was dragged down to this situation even before he

always encounter such struggles in a certain period of time? When would these misfortunes end?

end of life with other people mourning for you. The last thing Michael wanted was to see his family cry. Once they did, his heart


had already seen a lot of things. And the only thing he failed to see was the

of things in the world that couldn't be controlled. It no longer mattered whether he accepted it or not, if he loved or hate it,

long time to think. When his disease relapsed, he had already accepted that he would die the moment he had to go to

wanted to travel with his son, but it seemed that it was already impossible. He wouldn't be able to see him get remarried and raise his own child. He

couldn't wait any longer. The only thing he expected after he died was to see Jacob's mother, the woman

himself lying weakly on the bed with almost no strength left

physical and mental growth. The old man knew that his son would become more mature after this incident.

not for the many misfortunes that time had given him, he wouldn't have been such a cold person. Now, there's no way for him to stop this. What was supposed to happen was about to

I'm... I feel…… good," Michael said as he raised his hand not minding the pain. He was like a

He knew that once this moment passed, there would no longer be another chance. It was only in memories that

decision was. If there were other options, his father wouldn't have requested this.

His loneliness? Or was it his ambition? Soon, all these would be unknown, and from now on, his father

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