Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 261 Badgering

He had no fond memory of his past. However, the winter this year seemed troublesome to him.

Standing by the door of the second floor, Sara greeted the two people downstairs. Little did they know, she heard most of what they had talked about. In her heart, she figured that perhaps the two were too engrossed in their talk that they did not notice that she had already opened the door.

"Why did you get up so early?" Sara rubbed her eyes and walked downstairs. As she did, her slippers made a sound in every step.

James turned around and greeted, "Good morning, Sara."

"Why did you get up so early? Why don't you sleep a little longer?" Jacob asked.

"Well, I woke up suddenly. When I saw that you weren't there, I decided to get up and find you," Sara answered while walking at the stairs. She then walked over towards the two and sat down next to Jacob.

He hugged her affectionately. Even though he was still sad, he felt so much better now that James and Sara were sitting next to him.

Meanwhile, Winnie was preparing their breakfast in the kitchen. She knew the reason why the atmosphere at home was depressing. To be honest, even she felt sad because of it. She was young when Jacob's mother died. Now, she was no longer youthful when Jacob's father passed away.

Time flew fast, and many things had changed along the way. Winnie had gone through a lot and even felt the malice of life. Even though she was already used to it, there were still things that she could not accept.

However, regardless of how sad she felt, the most important thing for her was to do her job well and not cause trouble to Jacob in any way.

Dora was peacefully sleeping. That dog was cleverer than other dogs. One time, it ran to Sara's side and leaned close to her. To everyone's surprise, it returned to its doghouse immediately.

The dog must have sensed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, so it walked away as soon as it came.

While he was staring blankly at the huge floor-to-ceiling window, Jacob's mouth twitched. Although the breakfast was aromatic and mouth-watering, he was not in the mood to eat.

When he went to the table, he could barely finish two spoonful of food. Unfortunately, he had something important to deal with today. Moreover, he did not want Sara and James to worry about him. If it were not because of them, he would not have eaten breakfast at all.

plate. While the other two were having breakfast, they suddenly

the door. They were all members of the Shi clan. Although Winnie knew who those people were, she still felt a little intimidated by

in," she said

Instead, a young man, who seemed to be the leader, raised his eyebrows and asked straightforwardly, "Where

seemed ungentle and impatient to her. Upon hearing his words, she lost her respect

house rudely just after his

by the door with her fingers interlocked to each other. For some reason, her own answer made her feel somewhat awkward. Nevertheless, she had to endure her anger regardless of how extreme it felt.

to interfere. Not only that, but she was not in the place to call out guests just because she felt that she was in the right.

walked to the kitchen. Although he

voice were undeniably annoying!

irate words, Jacob lifted his gaze and looked at the

family. Seeing them in the dining room made Jacob's eyebrows raise. Although he was trying his best to stay calm, he could

not right? How could you eat when your father just died? You know what? You really have the potential to be a CEO.

eyebrows raised even higher. Meanwhile, Sara and James' mouths turned into a frown. Jonathan's motives had been revealed. That must have been his reason for suddenly storming in. He figured out that it would probably best to piss Jacob off to push him to do

it was him who worked diligently in the company. He must be ready now

default. How could Jonathan accept that so easily? That was why Jonathan loathed Michael and Jacob to the core.

backing. Besides, what could Jacob do without Michael's help? Now that he had nothing but himself, it was worth

I don't want to hurt a member of our Shi clan." James cleared his throat after he spoke. He knew to himself that he was of great importance

were in the past,

mouth gently and slowly stood up. He sensed that

piercing gaze. Other than that, he did nothing else. The truth was, he just

up for him again? You know what? I wonder most of the time why you, an outsider, work so hard for Jacob and Michael. Let me give you a

was more than happy to enjoy such a moment of him being condescending. He wanted Jacob to feel the pain Jonathan had

James was so furious that he felt an urge to kill the man right there and then.

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