Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 289 It All Faded Away

The best love was not showing off one's affection to other, but always hidden among one's words and deeds.

Sara kept her silence as she leaned to enjoy the comfort of the sofa. All the pesky things that happened recently stressed her out because of constant worry. After a while, she felt drowsy.

The sofa provided enough comfort for her to fall asleep. Jacob glanced over at her and noticed her already out cold. Her long, graceful eyelashes cast a faint shadow over her face from the bottom of her eyes. Her face was angelic. Her beauty bloomed like that of a butterfly's wings.

He stood up and gently picked Sara up in order not to wake her up. He proceeded to carefully take her up into the bedroom. Every step he took was as silent as an elephant's. He gently put her on the bed and kissed her on the forehead before tucking her in.

He didn't waste any more time and immediately walked out of the bedroom. He took out his tablet computer and began to indulge himself with his work. The company's business was his top priority, but so was Sara. Because of that, he was currently on the clock to solve the current problem.

He held an overseas meeting using his iPad. He hadn't discussed the company's new energy problem with his foreign partners for a long time so he thought it would be the perfect time to do so. The study was enveloped with silence while he kept himself busy browsing through his iPad.

He spoke fluent English whenever he had the chance to answer to his foreign partners. He sounded as if he was a native speaker.

Soon enough, he turned his computer off and lay back on the chair. He was so busy recently that he couldn't even have a good night's rest. He leaned against the chair and fell asleep from that position.

He had a vivid but strange dream. He dreamt that Alice stood in front of him with blood all over her body. She ignored his calls and stood there in silence. Jacob woke up as he could only recall Alice crying in every recurring dream he had involving her.

The thought alone was enough to wake him up. He opened his eyes and saw a familiar scene in front of him. Then he stood up and took the glass on the computer table. He felt completely dehydrated that he drank as much water as he could. It certainly helped him calm down.

He took a glance at the computer, which was emitting a faint light. Fortunately, what happened just now was nothing more than an uncanny, vivid dream. But for him, every detail of that dream seemed so real that even as he woke up he could feel it still lingering at the back of his mind.

He picked up the phone and called his assistant, Cindy. 'It was probably not a coincidence to dream of Alice all of a sudden, there's got to be something behind it, ' he thought.

"Mr. Jacob, what's the matter?" Cindy asked in her usual, appealing voice. She always sounded laid back as if nothing serious was happening.

just now seemed to be ominous enough for him to

her safety even as friends. Besides, it was he who sent Alice abroad in the first place. The more

sure she's fine on her own. She just wants to go back, but she can handle herself well," his assistant answered calmly. It

just straight up difficult to deal with. But there were so many people in the company that she interacted every single day, so it was

women the most. Cindy didn't have the luxury of

If she truly regrets about what she has done, we can give it some more thought. But if I see to it that she still has plans to

computer with his pair of blank, cold eyes. The

same light. He was sitting still like a realistic

I understand what you mean. I'll tell her right away. Also, Mr. Jacob, she left a message saying she wanted to contact you." Cindy pursed her lips as if to prepare for something to say. She was not a soft-hearted person, but even she couldn't resist Alice's insistent

felt she wouldn't mind passing the request over to Jacob himself. As for whether he agreed to

right now. I'll make time for it in the future," he replied with

her had completely run out. He used to feel guilty—even disgusted. But somehow, it all faded away. All

some inexplicable burdens since Alice wasn't

but now he felt free as a man sitting on the shore. In turn, he had to be as ruthless as he could be. If he was not so, there would always be consequences he feared

won't bother you now." Cindy hung up the phone and

good couple of minutes. It turned out that he could be so decisive when he was motivated by his desire to not see Alice anymore. But he had no regrets. 'All

he might lose something that he had an overabundance of, but he would also surely gain something he lacked

time, but all her efforts were in vain. As a matter of

changed him, and made them forget the pain. Whatever

Alice's young face was still fresh from his memory, but a

thought that there wasn't a chance that he would love her, but he didn't expect for things to get complicated this way. Perhaps most people would think about what to do after breaking up when they were still together,

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