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Chapter 42 A Scum

The amusement park on the weekend was crowded with people. Sadie was held by Julian, feeling the heat in her palm.

This was the first time that she had come here. She didn't expect that there would be so many couples, as well as countless parents and children.

Julian was wearing a particularly casual outfit. Black trousers wrapped his straight and slender legs. With a light brown V-neck sweater, the muscles on his chest were conspicuous.

Although his clothes were not much different from ordinary people, he seemed out of place standing in the middle of the crowd.

He also looked as if he didn't want to stay here for one more second.

He looked rather reluctant, which perfectly showed that he disdained to be friends with mortals.

Sadie was given a blow on the golf course. She wanted to use those extremely dangerous activities to vent the depression. But when she got here, her legs softened first when she heard those harsh screams.

She seemed to have done another stupid thing.

After hesitating for a while, she finally decided to play the carousel.

Julian had no objection to this. He didn't feel reluctant anymore. Instead, he smiled playfully, which looked rather annoying.

After buying the tickets and waiting in line to go up, he lowered his head, chuckled, and whispered in her ear thoughtfully. "Let's not do it if you're scared. Walking around can be regarded as coming to the amusement park."

Sadie got angry and stared at him coldly. "No way!"

She felt good after taking the carousel for ten minutes at a time, so she asked to ride the Ferris wheel.

Julian raised his head slightly, glanced at the Ferris wheel, and held her to buy tickets.

In the autumn afternoon, the sun was burning. People who were playing in the park were getting less. Those who were still waiting in line were couples.

Julian lowered his head with his eyes narrowing slightly. He looked at the little woman close to him with interest.

The hair near her ear was drenched with sweat, clinging to her thin pale neck, which looked like feathers lightly stroking his heart.

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Sadie looked out through the window and her face turned

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I am here." Julian squeezed her hand and smiled. "Do you want to

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lowered her head, kissed her on the forehead, and suddenly understood why those boys always liked to bring their girlfriends to hang out

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buckled. She was almost unable to stand. When they went to ride the roller coaster, she

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scream. She shouted so hard and cried. She couldn't tell whether it was because of fear

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back, walking through the crowd. "We haven't tried the jumping

that she wanted to cry, so she didn't want

she was in the third year of high school. It was late at night after self-study at school, she fell in a hurry and broke the skin

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hospital, he said, "Sweetheart, can't you let me take

also said, "Sadie, I am serious.

powerful heartbeat, she said softly, "Yes". After that, he picked her up every night after self-study, told her the key

such a good man. How could he flirt

don't you say something?" Julian felt the chill on his neck.

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and received the attention of countless people, which

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