Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 58 Good State Of Mind

There often had many times in life when we was speechless. Not all the things which was true or false could be explained, and not all the contradictions could be sorted out. Perhaps keeping silence was the best answer and explanation.

The waiter handed the VIP card to Murphy, but he didn't put it in his pocket. Instead, he said to little Hugh, "Baby, tell me if the food in this restaurant tastes good or not?"

Little Hugh nodded hard. It was the most luxurious meal he had ever had when he grew up at this age.

Murphy smiled and said, "I'll give this card to you. When you want to eat, Mommy will take you here, okay?"

Little Hugh looked at his mother and didn't take the card. Although he liked eating the food in this restaurant very much, he couldn't accept other people's food without his mother's permission no matter how much he liked it.

He knew that the reason why little Hugh didn't accept the card was that Nora was skillful in teaching children and able to provide guidance for him. How could she educate such a little child so well and obediently! She was really a good mother!

Looking at the pitiful eyes of little Hugh, Nora comforted him, "Baby, when you grow up a little more, I will take you here again. Now you are still young. Eating too much food here is not good for your health."

Of course, little Hugh didn't believe it. Since it was not good for the child's health, why were there so many children eating here? He pouted his little mouth to show his dissatisfaction.

Looking at her, Murphy said, "You'd better give him a more satisfied life. It's good for the child's growth to let the child know more new things."

Of course, she wanted to give the best to him, but the living conditions didn't allow her to do so. She looked at Murphy and wanted to say something, but she hesitated. She silently endured the pain in her heart. She felt sorry for little Hugh.

Seeing that Nora had nothing to say, Murphy said to little Hugh while thewell-timed arrival, "Take the card. If your mother doesn't say anything, it means that she agrees. Take the card."

put it in her small pocket. She had no choice but to agree because Hugh liked the gift

this time, a waiter came over and said, "Your family is the sixty-sixth customers for our shop has come today. Our newly launched event, the sixty-sixth place

the three of them as a family, but everyone would think so. The man was tall and handsome, the woman was gentle and beautiful, and the child was

have dinner here. We're

"Yes, the new promotion has been

kind of delicate gift is this?"

said, "Sir, please come with

in his arms, Nora took her bag, and the three of them followed the waiter to the second floor. A

a little dizzy. She didn't expect that the pajamas she gave her were parent-child

very happy. He asked little Hugh, "Baby, you like little

happily and said, "Okay, okay,

pajamas were very cute, with the decoration of the little monkey's tail on them. They were also very fashionable. Little Hugh liked them, and so did Murphy. Only Nora

that little Hugh had been completely bribed by

there was a meeting of senior leaders. Since Howard retired, he didn't have the position of chairman. There were only

was to select a new chairman. All the shareholders whose shares were more

great contributions to the company, Grace was worried about Hal, because Hal had told her before, "It doesn't matter whether I am the chairman or not. It is just a nominal titles, and the power is still in the hands

Grace didn't think so. No matter nominal or real directors, you must have this title, so that you can

an ordinary person. He went to work on time and off duty every day, and he didn't want to dream away his time. But he

company to others, and his son would only be a manager. He

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