Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 27 Explicit Price Tag

Francis and August did not help Jaylah to speak, especially Francis , looking at Jaylah's eyes, also full of strange.

This made Jaylah feel very uncomfortable.

It was Francis who told Tia that he wanted her to play the role, and said that if she didn't play it, then he wouldn't do it.

Now it is such an attitude, it really makes Jaylah upset.

Suppressing the fire in his heart, Jaylah ignored Rosie , but turned to Francis and August and said: "Mr. Snider, Mr. Graves, sorry, I thought, Mr. Snider likes punctual people, did not expect, everyone will be so early. "

She wasn't late, and Rosie's accusations against her were, quite frankly, nothing.

She deliberately brought this up to embarrass Rosie as well.

Indeed, after hearing Jaylah's words, Rosie's expression changed and she gave her a stern look and tried to say something before Francis interrupted.

Francis said, "I've always been a fan of hard-working, dedicated partners."

The implication is that you should not speculate on him with your own thinking.

Jaylah is even more angry to the point of no return, what is this, one or two, so love to give her a hard time.

She did not do anything wrong, but just stepped on the time to come, coincidentally became the last to arrive, which can also be so ironic.

Jaylah's heart was full of fire, but he had to compromise down for the role.

Tia saw Jaylah did not freak out on the spot, finally put down the heart, she does not want to be the princess of the door, by the princess herself to the whole lost.

Fortunately, things went smoothly behind the scenes.

Once the contract was signed, Jaylah was the first to leave.

Rosie, after she left, threw the script on the table and said nonchalantly: "Mr. Snider, this is not the first time we work together, what is the relationship between you and this woman, there are so many good actresses not to use, you have to use such a product, you do not want to make me feel bad?"

Francis looked at Rosie and said, "Naturally, I have my reasons."

with this answer, directly put the word: "I but put the word here, this woman, I now let her take the scene, but, later I will follow the

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Francis called Aimee, "I've signed the contract as you said, are you sure you can put me in good hands, I don't want to be

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scream, I'll buy you

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Matilda said, she might have been out of her mind to come to

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I can not handle, you should personally run for me, bring me back

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