I Am Born With A Silver Spoon

Chapter 556 Mo Canglong’s Father


Mo Canglong put all his strength into punching Chen Hao’s chest.


Yet, he felt a strange power entangling with his Inner Energy.

No matter how much energy he added in the punch, he felt like he was punching a wall.

Mo Canglong went flying backward from the force of that blow.

He landed heavily on the floor. His left arm was numb and it felt like it was broken.

“H-How is this possible?”

His eyes widened and he slumped onto the floor, his face filled with disbelief.

Only ten days had passed.

Just ten days ago, when they were in a fight, though he was taken aback by Chen Hao’s bizarre swordsmanship, it would have still been easy for him to kill Chen Hao then, if he had been slightly more vigilant.

He understood it clearly.

He believed that Chen Hao knew it too. Chen Hao only won because of a sneak attack.

Therefore, Mo Canglong chose to wait for Chen Hao for ten days. He would kill him when he came out so that he could use Chen Hao to blackmail Chen Diancang in order to learn the secrets of the tomb. Then, he would toss Chen Hao’s corpse right in front of Chen Diancang.

Mo Canglong could even imagine the despair on Chen Diancang’s face.


Only then would the secrets of the cave be known by Mo Canglong and the Mo family.

beginning. But now, he realized

sneered, “Do you

could you become so powerful in such a short period of

encounters,” Chen Hao said

the cave? Could it really make a person that powerful?” Mo Canglong’s eyes

eyes refocused and he grabbed a handful of sand from the ground and threw

his leg, he leaped up in the air and kicked Chen


huge cracking sound

of Mo Canglong’s back all the way down to his leg, like a pot that



spat blood out


have made a person’s Inner Energy so powerful in only ten days?” Indeed, Mo Canglong was

had to be a dozen times stronger

would have left you alone. But you, a mass murderer, waited here to kill me. It’s

raised his hand and Mo Canglong was pulled forward by

whole body

that he couldn’t fight enshrouded his

out on Mo

I’m still of some

Chen Hao

the Mo family, the Nangong family and the Fang family had never stopped investigating the League of the Sun too all

in on an important lead if you spare my life. I have come a long way to achieve this level of Inner Energy.

fox! You’re already over a hundred years old, it's funny that you still fear death. Seeing you cry makes it even funnier. Do

this ritual is connected to the League of the Sun. My lifelong wish is to become a Grandmaster and go to the Holy Water Ritual in person. I want to know why my father died and what

told me that the Chen Family has found half of a stone tablet from the sea. On the stone tablet is the map to the Holy Water Ritual which is located at the Hidden Mountain and countless secrets lie within

he was no longer Chen

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