Ice and Fire

Chapter 11 The Damsel In Distress

"I don't want you to be my damn aunt!" shouted John Ye. He was already drunk and muttered, "Cherr, you are mine. You have always been mine."

With that, John Ye tried to kiss Cherry Shen on her cheek.

Cherry Shen was hit by the strong stench of alcohol, so she immediately pushed away John Ye's face and shouted at him, angrily, " John Ye, don't touch me! You beast!"

"Cherr, I really want to have you, really." Like a relentless beast, John Ye did not give up trying to get closer to Cherry Shen.

Cherry Shen struggled hard to free herself, but she was too weak to push him away.

Just as John Ye was about to kiss Cherry Shen, he was pulled away by a strong hand. Cherry Shen immediately rushed out of his arms.

"Damn! Who the hell dares to touch me?" said John Ye, angrily. He was so close to kissing the woman he loved, but some blighter had dared to stop him.

"It's me. Mr. Ye." A cold voice sounded from behind. It was a cold man, who stared at John Ye as he stood beside Cherry Shen.

It was not until then that Cherry Shen noticed the man besides her. He was wearing a black suit. Tall and thin, with a handsome face and short hair, he looked very cold and cute. Just like a noble prince. The black shirt revealed his unique male charisma.

John Ye opened his eyes wider. When he discerned who the man was, he said, "Mr. An, how come you are here to personally supervise the situation?"

"For a celebrity such as yourself, Mr. Ye, I must serve personally." Stephen An said coldly. He was obviously hostile towards John Ye.

John Ye didn't say a word.

Stephen An then commanded the two attendants behind him, "Help Mr. Ye to the private room."

"Yes, Mr. An."

up by the attendants, Stephen An noticed the woman he had just

voice was gentle and warm. His eyes

smile, Cherry Shen nodded and said, "I am

and it's my duty to take care of every customer in my

expected to meet Emily Xia's boss, since Emily Xia had once told her that he was

Stephen An hastily when he saw that Cherry

said to Stephen An, "I am a friend of Emily Xia and I came here to see

that she was Emily's friend, Stephen An nodded his head. But her last words

a surprised tone,

Cherry Shen had heard Jackson Chu mention that John Ye's mother was the

didn't care about Cherry Shen's answer at all. He

Shen nodded and replied,

news it was! He couldn't believe that the woman standing in

check on

An nodded his head in

to leave, Stephen An grabbed

Stephen An, immediately. Seeing Cherry Shen turn her head towards him, he asked her, "My name is Stephen An. Can

Replied Cherry Shen, with a

Stephen An looked a little

woman now. How could Jackson Chu deserve

the door of the private room, Cherry Shen saw John Ye lying on the sofa. She did not step into the room, but instead took out her phone to call Jean Shen, so that she could come and take John Ye

the private room. Seeing that John Ye was highly intoxicated,

slapped for no fault of her.

for you, John would not be so drunk. Aren't you getting married to Jackson Chu soon? Why do you still torture John?" shouted Jean Shen. Her voice was so loud that everyone outside in

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