Ice and Fire

Chapter 184 Because I Love Him (Part Two)

However, Jackson looked very calm, as if nothing had even happened. He picked up his tea cup from the table, took a sip out of it, and then put it back. He then looked Cherry, and said, "What do you think you will do when Wilson won't have the necessary means anymore to keep you in that big house?"

Cherry glared at Jackson with her eyes filled with burning rage. He was actually capable of doing anything to get what he wanted.

"What do you want?" asked Cherry.

"Come back with our son! I've let you roam free for so many years, but don't forget the road to your own home, " said Jackson seriously. He fiercely gazed at Cherry, and was determined at all costs to make her surrender to him.

"I told you that I would come back one day, but not now; I need to handle something first, but after that I'll come back to you, " said Cherry stubbornly.

"What? Tell it to me and I'll handle it for you, " said Jackson. He looked at her, dead serious, and he couldn't understand what was wrong with her, or what she was thinking about.

How could Cherry speak her mind to Jackson? She couldn't let him know her thoughts.

"No, I can do it by myself, " said Cherry. She then turned her head sideways, avoiding to look at Jackson anymore.

few steps towards Cherry. He stared at her from up close, and asked, "Really now? Then I'll just wait and

Cherry looked into Jackson's eyes, speechless with fury. She couldn't believe how

Cherry's chin. He looked at her, and sneered, "Cherry, I can indulge you, but you have to listen to

released Cherry

steps backwards. As she looked at Jackson, who was slowly walking

also kept scolding himself in his heart. Why did he have do that to his woman? She

she did that then her son would be hurt. Sally would never let her go if she knew that she had come back to him, and she was also capable of doing something bad to Joe. Furthermore, she had her own thoughts in her heart; she wasn't familiar with the people around Jackson, and all of them seemed to her to have secrets buried deep inside them. Cherry believed that Bobby wasn't a simple man at all, and that

trustworthy among all of them. All the others made

whole afternoon. She was lost deep in her thoughts, and it wasn't until the sun set down that she picked up her phone and called

in a peaceful

I'll come back with our son if you leave my brother's company out of this, "

said, "Come tomorrow with our son, but come at the

utter another single word and just hung

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