Ice and Fire

Chapter 224 I Won't Let You Go Easily (Part One)

Jackson and Cherry strolled along the roadside hand in hand while the breeze gently brushed against their cheeks. Cherry watched the beautiful scenery around them, and for a moment felt her heart free of any hardships.

Jackson then suddenly put his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him. He bent over her ear, and whispered into it, "Baby, please forgive me."

Cherry knew for what he was apologizing. He had locked her away inside the mansion for the last couple of days, and she had had little freedom to do anything.

But she didn't know how she should reply to him, and instead kept silent and just continued walking.

When Jackson saw that Cheery didn't want to answer him, he suddenly stopped walking. He then looked at her with earnest eyes, and asked again, "Tell me, are you still angry with me?"

"No, " replied Cherry, as she cast her gaze to his side, trying to avoid his eyes. She didn't know how to face him again.

"Then why didn't you reply to me the first time?" asked Jackson. He stared at her, and thought, 'I've summoned up all of my courage to apologize to her, but why does she still have the same indifferent attitude towards me?'

After Cherry thought for a while, she slowly cast her gaze onto Jackson and called out his name, "Jackson..."

He met her eyes and waited for what she had to say.

Now, let me explain to you what really happened. I went to the club to look for Stephen, but when I entered his office, I was astonished to see that he

for a moment, and then continued, "We had been in the hotel room for less than three minutes before

he instantly fell mute. He didn't know that Sally had been in Stephen's office, and he had only thought that Stephen had brought her to the hotel for some other mischievous purposes. Jackson was also angry

Sally five years ago, but I had never thought that Stephen also knew him. That's why I visited Stephen that day, to ask him who that

to my words for a second? You don't need to know about all of these things. You can just stay by my side and be sure that I'll protect you well. I'll deal with all of

said, "No, I want you

words, he felt his heart fill with warmth. He had given all of his love to her, and he treated her

her, but his

tiptoes and

of it? I really want to know about your

focused his eyes on her and then lightly held her into his arms. He put his head on her shoulder, and said in low voice, "Baby, I'm sorry, I can't do that. You only have to remember one thing, that neither Sally

his words and felt her heart sadden. She thought, 'He eventually refused to tell me about it. Does he still treat me as an outsider? Or does he really want

him, she calmly leaned on his

stroll outside and didn't return to the mansion until it was noon. After they got back, Cherry found that the security guards had already disappeared from the villa's grounds, and she curiously looked at

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