Ice and Fire

Chapter 232 Do Not Run Around

Jean stood up, crushed the cigarette in the ashtray on the table before she approached Stephen, and staring at him asked, "What? Are you afraid that I'll hurt Cherry?"

As Jean drew closer, Stephen turned away and took seat on the couch on the other side of the room in an attempt to avoid being near her.

"Jean, if you dare hurt her, I'll kill you!" Stephen's tone was firm, making it clear he was not kidding.

Jean was fearless though and sat down opposite Stephen; she stared at him as she asked, "Stephen, do you think that I'll do something to Cherry? Well, you should know that I found another guy, someone more valuable than Cherry to attack."

Stephen didn't know what Jean was talking about. He knew how much Jean hated Cherry, and as he watched Jean, he wondered who Jean hated more than Cherry.

Jean knew Stephen would never figure out who the guy was. She felt self-important as she glared at him and said with cold disdain, "It turns out that Cherry and Jackson have a child."

Stephen's expression changed as Jean's words hit him. He jumped to his feet and roared, "Jean! What the hell do think you are going to do?"

"Oh my! Stephen, why are you getting so mad?" Jean rose slowly and took a step closer to Stephen asking, "So you knew they had a child? I didn't know you knew."

"What the hell do you think you are going to do?" Stephen glared down into Jean's eyes, wanting to choke her with his bare hands.

Jean pretended to think before telling Stephen, "Let me think. I could kidnap the kid, it would be much easier, you know, since a kid is not as cautious or clever as an adult, right?"

Stephen threatened, "Jean, I swear, I will kill you if you dare hurt that kid!"

tell you something. Five years ago, Jackson sent me to that place. After that, I didn't care about myself. What? You want to kill me? Fine! I'll kill the kid, and then you can kill me." Jean threw the words out. Then she thought of something and went on, "No. No, after I kill the kid, I'll die, too. Because I know Jackson, he won't let me

react as he watched Jean descend into a fit, with

breath and in a calming tone asked Jean, "Jean, you are talking about Cherry's son, your nephew. You are his aunt. Why do you want to hurt him? Why

yelled at Stephen, "Stephen, shut up! I don't need

trying to hold back. There wasn't a woman who didn't want to have her kid, but Jean

continued, "Let me tell you, I'll never be friends with Cherry. Never! I won't

down, he looked into Jean's eyes and said quietly, "Jean,

world and cry, I'll be thrilled." said Jean. She recalled what had happened, and she felt delighted when Cherry cried.

asked, "Do you feel happy? You stole John away. Are you happy when you're with him? You pushed Emily down the stairs to hurt Cherry,

stiffened and stood there silently.

her. So he took two steps backward, sat on the sofa, looked

shaking, looked at him and continued, "But Stephen,

rushed to Jean, held her by the neck, made her back up against the wall and pressed her hard against it by her throat. The hatred in his eyes carried to his voice, "Jean, if you

agitated. He had always kept the information from them. If they knew that Jackson had a son, they

had never protected anyone; she was incapable of protecting anyone and others had never defended her. But the moment she looked in Stephen's eyes, she felt that he cared

a while, Stephen noticed that Jean said

ground when

and said, "Jean, you should know why he has raised you so many years with


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