Love Between A Cook And A Doctor

Chapter 31 Try the Dishes

In fact, that was great.

It had a unique shape and must have a good taste.

"Give it a try?" She handed over the chopsticks.

He picked up a piece of meat, and the shrimp's body tilted a little.

She frowned and stared at his thin lips.

"How's it?"

"It's soft outside and tender inside." He nodded, "The shrimp is fresh and tender, and the taste of sauce is too strong."

Cherry nodded.

She went back to the counter and continued to deal with the shrimp skillfully.

This time, she chose to keep the body of the shrimp and only made a few cuts on it.

"There is a dish in the mainland called sweet and sour mandarin fish. I've had it. It's delicious. However, I still felt that the food materials were too ordinary. I just want to copy it and make new-tasted shrimps. "

She murmured to herself and kept doing that.

The potatoes were ground into puree.

It was spread at the bottom of the plate.

The chicken juice was spilled over.

The mashed potato immediately emitted a burst of fragrance.

The shrimp was put on the mashed potato.


Six minutes passed.

Lemon juice, mixed with salt, was poured on the shrimp.

And the hot oil was also gently poured on the shrimp.

It smelled good.

Then Jacob tried again.

"It tastes good. It matched well with the potato paste. However, the taste of chicken juice and shrimp juice has been neutralized, and it is not so fragrant. " His comment hit the nail on the head.

Cherry was already dealing with the third shrimp.

"Why are you so stubborn?"

"We are going to launch a stunt, and the menu will be updated every month. This month was the Arctic shrimps month. All the new dishes were related to the Arctic shrimps. Sashimi, drunk shrimps, pickled shrimps with soy sauce, baked shrimps, and scorching shrimps were all common. I want to do something different... "

She turned around and smiled at him. "Of course, the deeper reason is that someone once gave me a batch of Arctic shrimps. If I want to get rid of them, I can also make some money, right?"

Jacob smiled, "You are very honest."

"Nothing can't be confessed to you." She wouldn't hide her real intention. "You are the only one who can enter my kitchen to watch me cook new dishes. These are all secrets. We can't let our peers and subordinates know them. "

there are many guests. I only cook one dish a day and only ten plates a day. The dish I cook will be decided in the morning. If the guests want to have it, they

"Am I bad? Am I just making some flashy thing without

will care about the stunt if you don't have the strength. You made it, didn't

and continued to cut the shrimps. "Are you comforting me like

He suddenly asked, "Do you have rice? I want to eat all

have a try. You can't eat all of them. When I'm done and we're satisfied with it. I'll make some. You take them home and have them with your family. "

laughing, "No, thanks. They're..."

his family, he couldn't help thinking of Jonny.

she talking about

he was thinking about this. She just snorted and said, "Forget it.

and put them into the

Once, two times...

more and more plates in front of

shuttled back and forth. He just supported his forehead and

but it seemed not

She frowned.

I didn't expect. " She bit her lower lip and said, "Forget it.

unintentionally and gasped in

was already one o'clock in the


hurry and said, "I'm sorry, I'll send you back

up the table for her, which attracted her attention for

do housework?" As far as she knew, Jonny would never do housework.

with housework when I'm at home. " He

Cherry slowed down.

had so many younger brothers and sister. As the eldest brother, it should be hard for him

kitchen was messed up, it was soon restored to its

and habitually sat on

her eyebrows and

used to driving." He had already fastened the seat

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that he was used to taking the

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any relationship, he would

that she liked

so close, so far, within her reach, but

whispering, "I don't know when I can

glanced at her strangely and said, "Won't you

come tomorrow night?" She raised her

you don't welcome me, I won't come."

my guest. How dare I not welcome you?" She curled her lips helplessly.


wanted to see her, he

to see him, she couldn't

the way she could get

in the car.

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the other to hide in the dark. "Don't make a

a scornful glance at Jerome and said, "I've never seen a loser like you. You are as scared

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with a man?" Greg sniffed, "I just saw a man sitting in your daughter's

him and didn't

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