My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 13 I Still Love You

"Okay!" Myra choked with sobs.

"Honey! Are you okay? Does it hurt? " Josef put down the medicine and asked in a hurry.

"Damn it, Patrick. Why does it hurt so much when applying this medicine?" Josef thought it was because of the medicine.

Patrick was chatting happily with a woman, but he sneezed several times.

He wondered which woman was thinking about him. Ha-ha!

He didn't know that Josef was scolding him. He was still immersed in his own narcissism.

"I hate you! It's all your fault. How could you hit me? How could you hurt me? I hate you so much. I really hate you. I won't forgive you anymore. I won't forgive you. " Myra cried sadly and said intermittently.

"Honey! It's all my fault. It's all my fault. I hurt my dear. I'm really sorry. Sometimes I don't think I deserve your forgiveness. I promise it won't happen again. I swear, if I hurt Myra again, I will be lonely for the rest of my life. " Said Josef.

"Don't make any rash vows. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. " Myra still cried.

"Honey! Do you really forgive me? Can you give me one more chance? I will take good care of you all my life and won't let you suffer any more grievances. I promise. " Josef said sincerely.

Looking at the sad expression on his face, Myra didn't dare to doubt Josef's love this time.

Since they loved each other, would she choose not to forgive him because of this?

After thinking it through, Myra was in a better mood.

She had been bothered for so long, it was just that she didn't see Josef's sincere apology.

It was not that she didn't want to forgive him. Myra saw that Josef shed the tears of regret.

She smiled through tears and said, "Honey! You look terrible when you cry. Ha ha! "


Why are you

that I will only love you in my life. We will be together

forever and never separate." Repeated Myra.

Let's stop crying." Josef hugged Myra

was shedding happy tears, not sad tears. Lying

was not far

maybe she was really tired after crying just now, she fell asleep in Josef's

her even breathing, Josef looked up and found

this, he laughed. He really loved Myra very

love me, too. " Said Josef,

finished rubbing the medicine for her yet. Thinking of this, Josef got up again and carefully rubbed the medicine for Myra.

had left on Myra's forehead, Josef thought he deserved to die. How could he do such a thing to the one he

I will only love you wholeheartedly in the future. Dear! You have stolen my heart. Do you know? No matter what will happen in the future. I will never let go of your hand again. You can only be my woman,

the afternoon, Myra finally woke up after

eyes, she found herself sleeping on Josef's hand! No wonder

time she could

much. "What are you looking at? Honey! " Josef opened his eyes and said with a smile. "Ha ha! Nothing. You

the truth! Dear! You are naughty again. You are not a good girl.

doing? You are so heavy,

talk too much. I'm also hungry. You have to feed me first.

wanted to leave after she teased me. I didn't know whether she did it on purpose

thought and took action directly, in case Myra would do something

good at kissing. It was easy for him to take down Myra.

couldn't tell where she was when she was kissed by Josef. The room was full of passion

was seduced by Josef to roll on the bed again.

lunch. When they came downstairs to have lunch hand in hand,

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