My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 46 Darling! I Am So Happy (Part Two)

"No. It's okay for him to take these. Let's go to the shoe shop! " Josef refused her proposal.

"But..." Myra said reluctantly.

"No but. How about that one? " Josef took her hand and walked towards the shop.

Fortunately, Myra only chose a few pairs of shoes and said she was tired and wanted to go back.

Hearing that, Josef had no choice but to pick a few pairs of shoes and take her back to the villa.

The driver thanked God. The day finally passed. Finally, he didn't have to go shopping with them. He didn't feel so sad anymore.

Myra was really tired on the way back. She fell asleep in Josef's arms.

When she woke up again, it was already at night. But Josef was not by her side. ... She got up, took a shower, changed her clothes and went downstairs.

It seemed that someone was cooking in the kitchen. At first, she thought it was Betty.

"Betty, have you seen Josef?" She went into the kitchen and said.

But when she saw Josef in the kitchen wearing an apron, she smiled in surprise and said, "Honey! What are you doing in the kitchen? You look so cute in this apron! I'll take some photos of you with my phone. "

After saying that, she really wanted to go back to her room to get her cell phone.

"Honey! Stop it! I was going to cook dinner for you, but the food was burnt in the pot. I'm sorry! " Said Josef sadly.

"Honey! It is ok! As long as you can think of it. You must be tired! I was just kidding. I didn't mean to laugh at you! " Myra coaxed him.

However, she still secretly glanced at the things in the pot. Alas! What a horrible scene!

"Honey! You'd better go out for a while! I'll clean it up. " Said Josef.

"Honey! Let me help you! " Said Myra.

"No, thanks! Dear! Listen to me, okay? " Josef gently pushed her out of the kitchen.


What was in the pot just now? Was it

cook. I wouldn't die if I ate it!' Myra thought. After a while, Josef came out

our dinner! " He put two pieces of instant noodles

heart-shaped noodles you made for me. It must be delicious! It

me. I can only make instant noodles.

much for me. Sit down! Share the instant noodles with me. " As Myra spoke, she pulled

even cook. You have to eat instant noodles with

was going to cook dinner to show

TV. I also wanted to show off, I even let Betty have

didn't say anything. But

too much! I am already very happy that you can cook for me. I've never eaten such delicious instant noodles before. It is the best

nice. I am useless! I believe that I will cook a good meal for you one day. " Said Josef.

are the best." Myra said with

you want another one? Are you full?

a movie together later! " Said

Honey! "

had a happy few days

They walked together. Josef did these things that he hadn't done with

she could be so happy. They slept together, ate together, took a walk together and watched movies together. They could be

was about to burst with happiness, a phone call

time, she also wanted to go back with him, but Josef persuaded her to stay and said that he would come back in two

wait here for a few days. Myra had always

called her every day to make her feel at ease. He said that

could do nothing to help with the company's affairs, Myra didn't want him to be bothered by

better be a good wife. However, just as she was thinking about this, she

good time in France? " Yvonne

forget that she was

I haven't seen you for a long time.

to do? You'd better make

to greet you. Why don't you accept my kindness? " Yvonne said with a smile. "I'll hang up if you don't say. It is really boring." After saying that,

What's wrong with you and Josef?

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