Mommy is now fixing my hair and makeup because an hour or two from now, Zion will come to our house to fetch me. I’m wearing a light pink tube gown. It’s kinda awkward because I’m not used to this.

“Tricia! You’re so beautiful…” my mom is so happy. I don’t do this often that’s why she’s probably at awe.

OMG i couldn’t believe that I could look like this…

“Wow! Is this really me?” I swirled around in front of the mirror. I could actually look pretty, huh? Mom nodded with a big smile on her face.

I stood up when our housemaid knocked.

“Ma’am Pat’s date is already here’

“Okay. Tell him that Tricia’s coming down.”

As I go down, I could see Zion looking at me intently...uhm??

“Hi Zi…Do I look ugly?” I snapped my fingers on his face when he remains immovable.

looked toward another direction…”Nope. You’re so

“Tita, we gotta go.”

“Take care, Zion, Tricia.”


looking? Do I

different tonight..You look

be a day

I remembered Enzo. Is he there already? What

and I’m so nervous because there are a lot of seniors around.

me. I’ll

Enzo’s POV

pretty!. You’re the man!” Maico exclaimed as he smiled at every girl who passes by. We are currently waiting for Zion and Enzo at the entrance of the pavilion.

I smirked.

probably having a hard time fixing herself.” Maico

sometimes, but she’s really pretty. Well, what do you expect? She

Although Tricia doesn’t fix herself I know that you find her beautiful.” Maico

at the entrance!” We walked until we

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