Please Love Me

Chapter 10

Time passes by, and I am now wearing my chef uniform .

“My...I gotta go.”

“Your dad called early in the morning. He says good luck, Tricia.”

“Please tell dad that we’ll call at Skype later.”

“Okay. Sit here first, eat breakfast.”

“Nah. I’m good. I’ll be late in my first subject, Mom.”

I walked outside the house to wait for a cab. However, a car suddenly stopped in front of me. Its windows are down, and the driver smiled at me like he is in a cloud 9. Yuck...Enzo.

“Good morning Pat…” I thought I saw an addict gosh. And here he is again..fixing his hair like a shampoo model. And my heart is at it again… beating like crazy.

“Morning Marvie!” I’m trying to keep calm. His forehead knotted, cute.

“Marvie ha?”

on calling me

in! Let’s

die yet!” He is driving so fast that I thought I would die. When he stopped the car, I didn’t


good? In your dreams!” This feeling is new to me. This is not

when you look pissed Pat. You

I walked fastly

“Sis!” Sunny shouted.

“Tss..” Maico teased.

“Whatever, Maico!”

you two are in LQ


“Yuck sis!”

Enzo and I laughed synchronously while the two of them looked at us deadly. Aaah. this

be late.” OMG We

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