Please Love Me

Chapter 35

"I'm back!"

Everyone was shocked when I talked. I’m at Flavours. I saw how my mom, Sunny, Maico and Zion (even James) dropped their jaws. Lol!

"Hey!" I snapped.

""Tricia!" my eardrums would bleed any minute!

Mom was the first one to recover.

"Gosh! Tricia, you’re so beautiful. I miss you. Why didn’t you tell me you’re coming home?"

"Mom! It’s not like you didn’t know! Haha!" My mom is half-assed crazy!

"O-M-G! as in O-M-G sis!" Sunny slapped my arms. Ouch!

“Ouch Sunny!” I said to her, but she just laughed at me.

"Sorry!sorry! I thought you wouldn’t go home until next week! Bitch! I’ve missed you!"

She hugged me so tightly. Maico did the same. We happily ate and talked together while I noticed Zion just looking at me.

home first, you became a snob already!" I sullenly said. What’s up with

defeaning voice of a girl shouted. We all looked at the girl while I can see Zion blushing. hmm...Something is weird! Zi immediately stood up to follow the girl. I saw Sunny rolled her eyes. Who

because I have been away from them for a long time. Besides

Maico said while

nervous. Zion with that girl? I am nervous not because I’m scared, but because Zion is my friend and


"Sinong Kenneth Shane?"

who shouted and asked Zion to marry her.” Sunny mimicked her, so we laughed. Gosh! I miss

lang guys it's

to meet. I don’t know what I would do If I see him. He’s happy now. I should be happy for him. I noticed them looking at me so

I have already moved on!" I told them while laughing. However, they just

right now, huh? Bitch!sabi

been three years.."

moved on from him. It’s stille him. It


decided to visit our first branch of 'Chocolate&Berries'. I’m

Sheperd. I

me this is the location of our shop.

near the department store. My eyes widened at what I saw. There’s a huge statue of strawberry and


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