Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 22 Aria , what have you done

  It really ruined him, he ran over and held the person directly.

  "Sophia , are you okay!"

  The main man came, at this time Drake felt very awkward look, he stood there, stay or not, go or not.

  Sophia's face was beaming: "I'm fine, isn't that nice?"

  Travis was so relieved that he picked her up in his arms: "I'll take you to the hospital and do a full body checkup."

  It's been like this since she was a child. She has nothing more than a fever and a cold, and the whole family has to be out in force.

  "I'm fine!"

  Besides, how old do you think she is and how humiliating it is to have to hold it like that!

  "Your car was hit like that, you still say you are fine, being hit who can ensure that there is nothing?"

  Sophia looked helpless: "Chloe and Helena are still waiting for me."

  "I know, I've told them about you, now just cut the crap and do what I say."

  A face of dominance.

  Once again, Sophia shook her head helplessly.

  Travis paused in his tracks as he was about to carry Sophia to the car.

  "Mr. Riley, what are you doing here?"

  Drake could tell that although he stayed overnight at her house that night, it didn't seem to affect their relationship.

  This is also enough to show that the two of them have a very good relationship, otherwise, how can Travis not care when he, an ex, lives there?

  "Just happened to see it and saved her by the way."

and then he gets upset with Travis,

to get involved in Sophia's affairs in the future, after all, your Riley family has done

  With that, Travis put the man in the

 Drake wrinkled his brow, and Paul came running from


"Find out who


it must have something to do with their Riley


happened next would make the reversal impossible, Sophia directly posted the video of her visit to

Aria, Aria is scared and clinging to Sophia's hand, and do not know what they

Old Riley is the same, thus concluding that it was

young lady of

reversal made the Old Riley's

this can't be!" After taking a mouthful of blood pressure tablets, the Old Riley was much better, but still couldn't accept the fact:

has also heard that Sophia is not dead, and that the person

 How did

 She couldn't believe this

is going to

come, but she was told to come, and she already had an idea of what was going

 "Aria , talk to me,

this time Drake also happened to return, he saw the news in the first is time, and headed back, this

  Aria stood there, not daring to look up, not

 "Aria , what have you done?" the Old Riley was obviously

is now laughing at the Riley family,


 the Old Riley told himself he couldn't be so angry, he tried to slow down a bit and said slowly, "Let me

a flutter, Aria fell to her

  "Grandpa, I know it's wrong, I really know it's wrong,

 the Old Riley's last hope was dashed: "So, it's really

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