Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 26 the Old Riley is in jail

  "Money?" Sophia sarcastically, "You think I'd be short of money?"

  The   moment she cameup, she spent 400 million on a house, and I heard that she spent nearly 200 million on a car.

  "So what do you want?"

  Sophia looked straight at him: "What once gave me pain, now, naturally, I want you to give it back little by little, money, I will not ask for it at all, now you will do what the law says, what the law tells you to do!"

  There is no doubt that Sophia has evidence on hand that the Old Riley was truly defamatory and Aria was truly perjured, and they must pay for it.

  Of course, in addition to the two of them, Emilia and Olivia will not be able to escape either.

  Olivia immediately softened up: "Sophia, you can't be so desperate, you and Drake were in love, no matter what, Drake didn't hurt you, didn't he? Can you look at his face and leave this matter at that?"

  "Any more, grandpa's getting old, if he goes in ......"

  The latter words need not be said, we all know what it will be.

  Sophia smiled warmly: "You Riley family didn't even consider my feelings when you were doing this, and besides, I gave you a chance, but what did you do to me?"

  "In that case, pay your price!"

  "Besides, the sentences for defamation and perjury are not large, and the two of them will be out in six months inside."

  the Old Riley was so angry that his hands were shaking: "Sophia , are you speaking human?"

  Olivia continued softly, "Sophia, how about this, we give you a public apology, we admit that these mistakes were made by our Riley family!"

  "When I'm that

  When the Old Riley heard about her, they immediately rushed to Amerosia, arrested her and gave her a beating, saying she was lazy and wanted to eat

such things because she really loved him and didn't want him to get too close to his family because of her. Even when Drake later

than that, just let him do six

speak when Sophia said, "Mrs. Riley, please be clear,

  The naked threat made Olivia froze

" Olivia , what

I will figure this

  the Old Riley did not talk, but suddenly some do not know

  In the end, the Old Riley and Aria

  Such news came out and simply

family is the richest family in Sealand, the world's most prestigious, and within a day, two people were imprisoned at

imprisonment, Olivia is the happiest one, she is worried about how to deal with the Old Riley, now well, with Sophia this helper, she is closer

there was something

you had someone almost run Sophia over that year, she should know, but whether there is evidence in hand,

"Auntie Olivia, what

Olivia's eyes suddenly changed, Sophia

thenight, Chloe and Helena said they wanted to celebrate Sophia and, of

this lawsuit, it's so beautiful, I can't wait for the moment when Olivia and Emilia go to

  Sophia's face beamed: "Chloe, Emilia and Olivia are not that easy to deal with, otherwise they wouldn't have bought the

  "But I don't think the Old Riley trusts Olivia that much anymore, and I think she's at the end of her

soon Olivia will find a way to deal with me and succeed in gaining the Old Riley's

surprise, "No, so the Old Riley and Aria won't be in there for six

 Helena smiled, "Don't worry, Sophia, if she

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