She is a CEO by George Chapman

Chapter 27 Confession

"Yes," Sophie replied with a sigh. Lucia was so smart; it was no wonder that she noticed it.

"I'm going to her home now!" Arthur knew that he couldn't wait. He was afraid that Lucia who had once fallen into the trap set by her lover might overthink it.

"Okay, drive safe." Although Sophie wanted to go with him, she thought it would be better for Arthur and Lucia to have a private talk, so she only asked him to drive safe.

At night, Arthur drove to Lucia's house.

At eleven o'clock, Lucia, who was lying on the bed, hadn't fallen asleep yet.

The doubts of all kinds of things were gnawing at her. She even faintly felt a headache.

Suddenly, her phone rang in the quiet bedroom. Lucia turned her head and took her phone after moments of hesitation.

"Open the door." It was a message from Arthur.

Biting her lip, Lucia wanted to ignore it.

But it was early winter now, and the night was cold. Although he was in the corridor, he might catch a cold...

Shaking her head, Lucia didn't expect that she still cared about him. He and his mother had lied to her!


Lucia was struggling within herself, and five minutes passed.

Suddenly, another message popped up.

"I won't leave if you don't open the door." This was the second message from Arthur.

This guy...

carefully, tucked Theodore

walked out of the room, she shivered with cold, quickly passed through the living room and opened

door opened, the cold air outside rushed into the room. Lucia couldn't help but shiver violently and sneezed in front of Arthur


room, walked to the coat

made Lucia stunned. When the coat was wrapped on

Arthur and said in a low voice, "You came

hurry that he came here in a shirt. Worse even, he had just stood

the seat beside him

Arthur an aggrieved look. She was

with him, she came over.

deliberately sat down opposite Arthur, not next

slowly, so he put an envelope he brought on the tea table

at Arthur, expecting him to tell her

a while,

over the room as

reading the document in the envelope, Lucia stared

anything until he saw her raise her hand stiffly and

Arthur felt the way Lucia reacted was lovely, but he didn't show it.

was so shocked that she couldn't

sex with her

play such

thought her son would never meet his biological father, but he was

my son's babysitter?" Lucia asked,

hard to look

jumped the gun." Arthur looked at Lucia and told her about his early meeting with Theodore, which was witnessed by Sophie. Then Sophie met Nia and disguised

he saw her. They had

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