Chapter 1 

A thin and frail woman with bloodstained hands was pressed forcefully onto the ground. 

“The former best newcomer lawyer has turned into an incompetent.” A cold and malevolent voice sounded above Rosalie Leighton’s head. 

Struggling, she raised her head, her gaze locking onto the attractive face before her. It was hard to fathom that the popular celebrity from the entertainment circle, someone who appeared so innocent to others, could be harboring such ruthlessness. 

“Yvette, why?” Rosalie asked in a trembling voice. 

“You took my sister’s life How can you even ask why Yvette Hamilton’s sneer conveyed a chilling edge, her eyes brimming 

with malefic darkness. 

“It wasn’t me. I’m innocent Rosalie managed to utter amidst her difficulty, her head shaking in persistent dental, trying to straighten herself up, her gaze unwaveringly fixed on the man standing beside Yvette. 

He was none other than Rosalie’s ex-boyfriend. The man who had once vowed to protect her eternally 

In the past, even a minor injury to her finger would cause him to worry for hours. Yet now, he merely stood there, a passive observer of her torment 

“Z-Zachary.” Rosalie s cry was infused with nearly every ounce of her remaining strength. “Please. I beg you believe me. 

He still wore the same suit and leather shoes as before, but as he fixed his dark eyes upon her, they held nothing but a haze of coldness 

“Zachary, you’re not feeling sorry for this woman, are you! She’s the one who took my sister’s life! Everything Im doing is to 

my sister can rest in peace” 

Yvette held the man’s armi mi 

at him 

tely. Her malicious expression 

sformed into a sort of pitiable charm when she looked 

“She brought this upon herself Sympathy isn’t warranted Zachary Xanthos responded softly, his fingers tenderly brushing through Yvettes meticulously styled hair “You can do whatever you want. 

Rosalie’s eyes widened all of a sudden as the mused. “I brought this upon myself? Ha“ 

The man who had once cherished Rosalie now reduced her anguish to this dismissive remark. 

Drawing on an unfamiliar well of strength, she broke free from the constraining hold of the person pinning her down. She struggled and crawled forward, determined to get closer to the man. 

in that car accident. I wasn’t drunk driving that day. It was


the back of her hand heavily, sending waves of

felt physically paled in comparison to the intense ache in

Zachary, whose leather-clad shoe was pressing down on her left hand. The

she said in a hoarse voice.

being with you” Zachary’s words were delivered

Chapter 1 

who caused the accident that took my sister’s

the next instant, Rosalie heard him utter. “All

had been dreaming about the events that

three years of incarceration, her hands were no longer as tender and

fact that the nails on her ten fingers had regrown, her hand still bore the remnants of the injury.

but not flawlessly. The joints appeared slightly misaligned, impeding her ability

cold and damp, the discomfort in her fingers was

that she yearned

she was accused of drunk driving, resulting in the accident that caused the death of Melanie Hamilton. Melanie wasn’t just


her own family. Ultimately, she received a

feet, retrieving a cleaning

a sanitary worker, and the cold weather had bestowed a slight reddish hue upon her delicate face. Beneath her eyes rested a

recently graduated from college. However, the youthful vigor that should have animated her eyes was notably absent, replaced by a hint

was assigned to the night shift. Having dozed off at the Environment and Sanitation Administration, she had nearly missed her work

Yvette is truly fortunate to be both a renowned

body, prompting her to hastily depart from the

names Zachary and Yvette were like aching wounds etched

swept the road. The bones in her hands throbbed

worker like her, even accessing painkillers had

her sweeping, a Ferrari unexpectedly pulled to a stop before

and a woman emerged from the vehicle. Pallor swept over Rosalie’s face as

was a scion who used to harass her during her time

road sweeping?” Timothy Sanders inquired with a knowing

Chapter 1 

giggled, “She’s a lawyer? How odd!”

Ms. Leighton. She used to be Mr. Zachary

is going to get engaged to Ms. Yvette Hamilton. How about you spend the night with me?

her. She struggled to evade the man’s grasp, but Timothy seized

at Timothy, taking advantage of his momentary pain

red as he refused to relent. He jumped into his Ferrari

dashed to the other side

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