The Lycan King

Chapter 75. It??s time


The next few days flew by in a blur. All we did was train and planned minute details. We made it a point to practice with the vampires so that we fought like a team.

Nik had been more stressed than I had ever seen him. In fact I hardly saw him after our little date. He was the busiest of all. He was training with everyone and making sure that they were training their hardest. He also took turns in explaining the plan to everyone in groups in detail to make sure there were no doubts or confusion. He also looked over the makings of the weapons that we were going to use. We had ordered guns but wooden bullets had to be handmade with the correct symbol carved on it. Only then it would kill a supernatural.

I took care of the lodgings of the people who weren't going to fight??there were about fifty of them. Keeping them all in a single place was also risky which was why I had them scattered strategically so no one knew where they were but at least one group of our pack was near them to defend or rescue them if needed.

Max had given us a final count. About two fifty wolves were going to come to attack us. And we just had one fifty to fight for us. Nikolai had assured me that we were at an advantage because we know they are coming. And we needed to lessen the strength of the warriors in Montana Pack if we wanted a standing chance against them when we went there after the war. He had told me that we need to create a balance in the amount of people we would fight on our lands and their lands. Only then, we would win.

It was nine o'clock sharp when Nik came in the room to meet me, just like I had asked him to.

He closed the door behind him and froze when he saw me. "We don't have time for this right now, Ava." He gulped and looked down at my outfit?? more like lack of it.

"We do. Everything is done. It's all perfect. Come here, Nik. I've missed you." He would come to sleep after I've already fallen asleep and woke up before I did. The only sign of him coming to bed would be the slight warmth in the bed he would leave behind.

"I've missed you too." He instantly said.

"Then come show me."

"You're scared." He figured it out instantly. "You're scared that you will loose me. You are scared that we will loose."

I stayed silent because that was the truth. I'm scared. And I want one last night if anything happens. I will commit this night into my memory forever. If anything happens, I'll always have this. I'll exactly remember our last kiss, our last fuck. I needed to feel the heat of his palm when he spanked my ass. I needed to feel the warmth of his cum in my pussy.

Angry lines marred his face. "I'm working my fucking ass off, Avalyn. Now is not the time to tell me you don't believe in this plan. In me." The vein popped up on his forehead, the one that always did when he was trying to control his anger. I did believe in him. He had busted his ass for this entire plan. But I couldn't help but think about the what ifs.

"I'm not saying we will fail or that I don't believe in the plan or you, Nikolai." I tried to calm him. "But I just want you have one night with you before shit hits the roof."

"You mean you want one last night." He gritted. "This is not our last night, Avalyn." He crossed the room and threaded his fingers through my hair and pulled so I was looking at him in the eye. "This is just the start. We will have many,?many?more nights after this." He growled in my face.

"I need this one too." I rubbed his length through his jeans. I needed his dick. Right now.

"You will have to wait until after the war, Love." He caught my hand, "it will give you something to look forward to." He squeezed my ass with his other ass and gave it a hefty slap. I gasped. "Please. At least punish me. I still need those twelve spanks." He can never control himself after a good spanking. If I get him to spank me good enough, till I'm all red, I know he will fuck me. Hard.

His eyes bore into mine and then I guess he saw something in them which caused him to give me a mind blowing kiss. I was left panting after that. He grabbed my hand and and yanked me towards the bed. He sat on the edge and pulled me over his lap. Another moan left my mouth when he started squeezing and moulding my ass.

"You will count and then apologise at the end of all the spanks. Miss one and I will start over, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understa??aaaand." I screamed in between when he brought his hand down. I wasn't prepared for it.

He gave me another hard spank, "Count Avalyn." He gritted.

"One, Master." I gasped.

The blows rained down on my ass and I kept counting. They were harder than I had expected and some were a quick sting while some were a deep thudding pain. And some deep, dark part of my heart craved it.

a scream. It

"You okay?" He paused.

nodded my

my ass

"Seven, Master." I cried.

not using your words when I ask you a question, Avalyn. Start again." And then he he hit me just as

my first real punishment. Last time, I was too angry and stubborn to actually feel anything. I had mostly mentally blocked it out. But I didn't want to do it to this one. I wanted to feel Master's

"Two, Master." I shuddered.

the pain and burning and stings set in.

to nod

if you want." He spanked me

managed to get out. No Master, I'll take

but I didn't say a word. I wiped my tears with

touch. His warmth. I need it before I go out there to face my nightmare. I pushed my


upper thighs and lower ass. It

was left crying at the end of it. "Nine, Master." I croaked,

Ava." He caressed my ass and the heat

I begged.

let out a low growl from the back of his

black eyes met mine. He cocked his head to the

in front of him, my hands on the floor. I bent down and kissed his feet. "Thank you,

hard to deny something you want. And this is something we both wanted." His finger trailed down my face delicately, making me blush. "But next time, you will safe word me when you've had enough. The situations we are in doesn't matter." How easily he saw through me. It hurt like hell

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

ordered and I jumped to

flinched. His hands were very gentle but it still burned. "You will heal

"Yes, Master." I whispered.

and brought me closer to him before he placed a kiss on each butt. "You are

Master." I said shyly, biting my lip to force down

so I was facing him, "I think we have some time in

his smouldering gaze.

"I'm good

to kiss him. He pulled me on top of him and scooted back further

you." He shook his head.

as he said. He positioned himself behind me and held

was slow and soft and gentle. Everything a woman would want. But tonight, I need him to be my saviour again. Not the sweet gentle Nikolai. I needed a reminder of him when I was out facing my nightmare, a

pleaded, matching his thrust. "Please,

pulled, making me look up as

"Nik." I cried.

out of me. He held on to my waist and moved my

my pants. His palm met my ass again

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