The Lycan King

Chapter 87. Revolution


"Rise." He commanded and everyone stood up at once.

The fire had died out the second I had stepped out of it. I had a hitch that the spell included something that it will only die out once the people inside it do too. I wish?we?could have killed Mary and we would do it right this time around.

"The series of unfortunate events that have been happening since last night have happened because of one spiteful person who hates vampires??Mary. She was the one who lit the Pack house on fire and she was the one who lit this cottage on fire too."

There were murmurs of disbelief in the crowd.

That's when Papa walked up to us and stood besides me.

"Alpha Javier."

"It's him."

"He's back from the dead!"

"He's alive!"

Different murmurs rose in the crowd. But one thing remained common, the tears in the eyes of people and the mirth to have him back.

Papa raised his hand and the crowd silenced.

"Mary was the one who planned the attack because she hated the fact that I, a vampire was leading it." Papa started and shouts of rage broke into the crowd.

"Emmanuel locked me up in the dungeon for a decade and him along with his son Emilio, kept my daughter in captivity." Papa put his arm around me, hugging me to his side.

"But this fine young man here??Alpha Nikolai Volkov, rescued Ava and then rescued all of us from the tyranny of the Gonzalez'. I believe Alpha Nikolai will set the Montana Pack back on track and not only restore it to it's former glory, but make it better and greater than it has ever been." He finished.

"He is a rogue, Alph-Javier." A woman said, dread evident in her voice. "How do we trust them?"

"He walks in fire." Another man said. "What if a demon resides in him? What if??"

"Or maybe, God Sol resides in him." A woman stepped forward as she looked at Nik with devotion. I recognised her as one of the females we had helped escape the prison. "He helped us! He can't be bad!"

"Those are just assumptions! We can't trust theories! How do we trust them? How do we truly know he isn't worse than Emilio?" Every member of the pack grew more confused and fearful by the second.

"I know no demon or god. They walked in fire." A woman spoke up, her voice filled with fear. "That is just not natural. Not for a werewolf! We do not have affinity with natural elements like vampires."

My mind raced as I thought about ways to help pacify everyone and assure them that we are good people.

"Alpha Nikolai is a good man, Mama." I heard a boy say.

He dashed out of crowd and stood before Nikolai. He didn't look older than Adrian. "He helped me save Viktoria and the others from the dungeon. He also kept his promise of getting us all out of the burning prison." Then he turned towards the crowd. "Anyone who tries to hurt him will have to go through me!" He placed his little fists on his waist.

Two girls and two boys ran out and joined the little guy. "Us too!"

carefree, amused smile grew on Nik's face as

bent down to their knees, submitting to us. These were

followed?? their family and friends. But the rest remained upright, looking at

are your Luna and Alpha. Whether you accept it or

was a natural leader. His voice commanded

submission and utmost respect from each and every one of you. What Avalyn and I say, goes. Without question, without hesitation. Each order, each command will be followed to it completion at that very second. Incompetency or tardiness will not be tolerated. Each of those will lead to a punishment we deem fit. I do not believe

spoke. No one made a

Alpha, Luna and my Beta Dimitri has the power to give out orders. I will select councilmen from the pack in time, but that will be exactly what they are??councilmen, and not people you will answer to, unless ordered otherwise. The revised notice of taxes and the new price

up here are not... adequate." A man spoke up

good use of it, I will

business with Mystic Lupus Pack. Any wolf who does farming, does social work and does business will

earn money. You will be paid for your services as a warrior, guard or parole. The higher your position, the higher your pay. The position will solely rely

the training field to train for four hours. Men and woman. There is no age limit, you fight till the age you can walk. A pack is only as strong as it's weakest link. And I do?not?do weak." Nik's voice came out hard. "Everyone under eighteen will go to a supernatural school where you will be taught about us, not to a human school. In the evenings, kids

the pack will freeze, everyone's bank accounts will be frozen. My trusted men will visit each and every house and take away the black money. The bank accounts will be checked for illegal dealings, frauds, excess income from suspicions places. Everyone caught with the wrong kind of money will be given one chance to explain themselves. The money will be ceased and you will be given a punishment that will fit the

rules will be in full motion and all these tasks will be finished. Every single person over the age of sixteen will volunteer too make this work. Tomorrow, we will have

"Any objections?"

money! However I

his limp body collapsed

Nikolai demanded

one dared to say a word. I could feel how scared they were. But there was respect too. Something that kept growing

voice commanded, breaking people out

me, his grey eyes impenetrable as he

in front of Nikolai

"Don't use big words next time. I didn't understand half of it." He crossed his arms.

on my face as I opened my mouth to answer but then Nik bent

Viktoria those big words and explain everything, Lucas. And you can teach her how to fight too. No one will

his arms around Nikolai and hugged him

lips lifted in a

his lips. His fingers gripped

I've done so many infuriating things in the last twenty four hours that I lost

I asked. You came here by?road,?trespassing?another pack?openly, without thinking how dangerous it is. Yes, you most probably saved our life

smiled. "You haven't slept in two nights

have work to do." Came his gruff reply but

when I realised it was Papa. I fought a blush that threatened to

something under his breath along the lines

Nik growled, annoyed at the

for you." He pointed towards the large group of young males and females looking at us,

clearly meant 'later' and I fought another blush and nodded.

with me for a walk?" Papa asked, offering an

"Of course." I smiled.

after that. We went to a small two storey Inn where we were going

along with Papa, I heard a person whimpering and then some murmurs. Curious, I followed it up to a bedroom and then I opened the door, my

bed, unconscious and small groans of discomfort along with whimpers left her mouth. The entirety of her left

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