After saying that, she immediately went out and leaned against the office chair while panting.

That night, Aman words were still in her mind. "I slept with you twice and held a wedding. My sexual orientation should be clear to you!"

"Aman, that bastard! He even lied to me..."

Chloe Bishop gritted her teeth, her smile was ferocious, and her eyes were full of anger

In the office, Aman leaned against the spacious office chair with a 360 degrees rotation and said to Ragib, "All right, you can go."

As the number one person in the Emperor Group of America, only very few people could talk to him so unscrupulously, but Ragib was a friend.

Ragib looked back at Chloe who rushed out, revealing his shiny white teeth and saying, "Ok, I'll give you two time for yourselves. Don't forget my suggestion."

Ragib said as he picked up his windbreaker and walked out of the office

John saw him off. "Young Ragib, take care."

Hearing this, Chloe thought, "Ragib?"

Could it be that in the rumors in the media, Ragib, who had an affair with Aman? Was he Aman's mistress?

"Miss Chloe." Ragib's voice came from behind. "What's wrong? Didn't you bring a lunch box to send a love lunch to President ?"

Chloe raised a generous smile on her face and turned back. "... Oh, I'm fine, I just came to have a look around."

"Wait, isn't this the man who came to my wedding with Aman?"

"Oh, you should take a good look around." Ragib said, "At the end of the day, I gave you and Aman a red envelope. I didn't expect that he would ask me to give you money. I gave away me!" a lot of money. You guys have to thank me!"

Chloe smiled. "..."

Yes, you're right. That's what a mistress would end up like.

Aman looked at Chloe, who came in with her head down. He did not understand why she was avoiding his eye contact. "What are you doing here?"

Chloe glanced at the side and said, "No.... nothing, I just came to bring you lunch."

By the way,learn the condition.

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"Oh, take your time."

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nodded. "Yes, President

lunch box brought by Chloe. "Then the lunch sent by Young Madam... are

was to see such a young wife send a lunch box,he got up from behind

"Yes, President ."

sofa area and opened the lunch box sent

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