Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 196 A Long Dream

"That's what fate is like. Given one more chance, I won't change my original choice. One's character determines his or her fate. She likes peace, and I like wandering. She likes quietness, and I like noise. She likes hot food, but I like ice. "

"So, you two are not suitable for each other?"

"No, it's not that we are not suitable for each other, we just didn't really know each other. We didn't manage to understand each other. In a relationship, even if one party didn't understand the other party, the consequences would be very serious. We can either separate or torture each other. "

By the time James finished his words, he had regained his composure and felt much better. As he had spoken out all these, he felt much better. But it would take Jacob a while to digest all the information and felt sorry for him.

"There are some people in our life who would never be with us once we have missed." James said with emotion. The life could be too long without a mate. It mad James felt that the road of life was endless and he would never find his home.

How could a person who didn't even have a home. There was only endless silence surrounding him.

"Uncle." Jacob called James in a daze.

"What?" James replied in confusion.

"Why are people's feelings so fragile yet so unbreakable?" Like a child, Jacob asked.

"Because this is human nature." James sighed heavily. Jacob was just the same as him when he was young. He couldn't want to see Jacob to follow his way.

"How did she die?" Jacob raised his head, feeling confused.

"I'll tell you when it's over. I will tell you everything. " James stepped hard on the accelerator, and the car was speeding up. The top priority now was the explosion crisis that the company was facing.

It was not appropriate to talk much about such private matters at such a critical moment.

James had missed something. The truth might not be that simple. Perhaps what

leaned against

a runny nose all the time. He hadn't caught a cold for a long time. It seemed that he had caught a serious

her middle age, there would be a midlife crisis. People of this age would be bothered by their parents, their children as well as their work and colleagues. However, Jacob

and external strife striking him. Jacob was lying on the sofa and sneezed all

about his situation, "Jacob, do you

in a daze. Does he have time to see a doctor now?

thanks. I'll take some medicine later. It's not a big deal for me. " Jacob

after dinner. No matter what happens, I will

indifferent. But people knew Jacob would understand why he

knew Jacob quite well. So he forgave him of his

by James, not only because he was the son of James's elder brother. Another important

But as he got the medicine, it took his mind back to the past. It was the medicine he bought

his memory became clear as long as the past was related to Sara. The memory was so deeply rooted that he couldn't erase

for him then. But he destroyed everything himself. He destroyed his own happiness.

clearer and

with the sound of footsteps. If it was Sara, it must be the different sound of high-heeled shoes stepping on the ground. After all, Sara preferred 5

was here, she could take care of him. When he was tired, he could still have a warm embrace to lie in. But after doing so many wrong things, he had already missed the opportunity.

would not understand how precious it was. People always envy what they

what he got was the best, it was always too late. Things lost were most valuable. Only when

on the bed, feeling dizzy. The scene of Sara

beside him until he fell asleep. But now the room was so empty that it seemed to devour

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