Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 230 Coercion And Temptation

Jacob had already gone to pick up Sara very early. Since they had made up, he had to take her with him.

At the same time, Noah called Jacob in a hurry, saying that their old classmates were eager to see how Sara was. What kind of person could replace Alice?

But Jacob was not in a hurry. Everyone had arrived one after another. However, Jacob was still having breakfast with Sara outside. It was said that they were having porridge.

They had planned to go to KTV together after lunch. For so many years, no one could escape the "curse" of class reunion, which was to sing together.

Time passed quickly, but everyone was still like themselves in the past. Except for a few wrinkles on the face. Anyway, they still felt the same.

However, the topic of their meeting changed a lot. The people who had arrived early began to talk with each other. Maybe they used to be a small group of two or three, but now, they were almost a big family.

They didn't say who had a good relationship with whom. Now they only chatted with each other about the only connection in their memories. Maybe they would never have the chance to get together again.

But now that they got drunk, they wouldn't think about such a sad problem when they just met. It was like they just went downstairs and buy a bottle of water, and the bell of the class would rang soon.

Everyone was very excited at the moment, especially when they saw the familiar but strange faces of their old classmates. Many people even stood up and waved their hands to cheer. It was hard to imagine that they were a group of almost thirty years old people who were busy with their career and family.

"We are so slow. Doesn't it really matter?" Sara lowered her head and took a sip of the porridge. It tasted good. It was good for the stomach to eat it in the early morning.

"It's okay. Take your time. Anyway, not everyone is here. Besides, there is still one day left, isn't there?" Jacob looked indifferent, as if he was saying that it was none of his business.

However, this was his business. If it weren't for him, how could Sara have the reason to attend such a classmate reunion.

Hearing Jacob's words, Sara, who had been clamoring not to go, couldn't help but go. But she didn't expect that Jacob would be so calm at such an exciting moment.

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Imperial Hotel, a black Bentley screeched to a halt. A few seconds later, someone found that Jacob got

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tall and didn't get fat. Many people envied her. As soon as Sara raised her head, she saw Bess and Noah, and some people she didn't know standing

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