Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 256 Unacceptable Decision

Jacob stared at the piece of paper, his hands trembling and face void of emotion. After signing his name, his lifeless eyes looked around the room as he tried to recall how the doctor left. He could not even barely remember the doctor expressing his sympathies.

It was as if all the emotions bottled up inside him were fighting their way out. He wanted to curse and shout, yet he knew that it wasn't the right place to vent out his anger.

Although he knew that he had made the decision himself, it somehow felt like there was an invisible force that tried to manipulate him. He felt shackled in chains that were too strong to break free from. He couldn't explain what or who was responsible, but it seemed like he didn't have any control over his life.

What kind of language does one have to use to explain this miserable life? How on earth should he express his feelings? Moreover, what kind of decision should he make when facing something inevitable?

Jacob was at a loss. He honestly didn't know how to answer those questions himself. As he tried to even out his breathing, he wondered what other people would have done if they were in his position. Would they have chosen better than him?

Deep inside, he knew that making such a decision all by himself was a selfish thing to do. His eyes darted towards the door. The two people standing at the other side had absolutely no idea what he had just done.

He slightly furrowed his brows as he felt his chest tighten. Would they blame him for making such a decision? After taking deep breaths, he closed his eyes momentarily. Everything was happening too fast. He wished that all of this were just a bad dream and that he would eventually wake up sooner or later. If this were a dream, he still at least had a chance to wake up and see his father alive and well.

Jacob knew that he wasn't in the right state to think properly. He walked out of the ICU and burst into tears the moment his eyes landed on Sara.

James, who was waiting for his turn to bid farewell to his brother, was a bit surprised when he saw the man crying his heart out.

Thinking that something might have already happened, he quickly bolted towards the ICU. At the sight of his brother lying in the hospital bed and almost dying, he couldn't help but burst into tears as well.

"What's wrong with you? Don't scare me like that! What's wrong with dad?" Sara asked. Her eyes were filled with concern as she tried to console her sobbing husband. Never in her life had she seen Jacob look so broken. Despite Jacob's wails echoing throughout the corridor, the hospital staff around the area seemed to not mind. In fact, some doctors who had been passing by didn't even bother to spare a glance at them.

obviously happened. However, they didn't really care about what it was. Sara felt her heart beating suddenly loud and fast while she tried to figure out the reason

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She turned her head and looked over to the ICU where she could get a glimpse of what was happening inside Michael's room. The old man was still alive, yet she couldn't help but

the situation was serious. She could see how Michael struggled to speak. The pain in his expression was evident.

was slowly disappearing. Time had seemed to slow down, and even the slightest sound of movement could be

describe the strange buzzing in her ears, she could still make

exhaustion that she wasn't able to think very clear at the moment. She could feel herself slowly becoming

cleaner for her now. All the oxygen had been sucked away, yet the people still remained. Sara only

had momentarily lost control of himself and he hoped that no one

know about his decision. As for James, he would leave it to his father to personally tell his uncle.

that possibility sunk in, Jacob's eyes had slightly widened. It must have taken a very huge amount of willpower for

eyes stared at the girl in his arms. He must have frightened her for suddenly bursting out like

asked once again. Her grape-like eyes were big and wide open as they looked at Jacob with pity. She

lose his cool like that. However, she found herself struggling to ask

for a bit, he still tried his best to sound calm. He couldn't help it. After all, he was the one who had signed the

to throb, fear swept through her eyes as she waited for Jacob to give her an answer. She had no

man sat on the chair by the door, never releasing his hold from Sara. He could feel his feet becoming already numb from standing so long. But maybe, that wasn't the case.

me. Go ahead." Sara's voice was now laced with worry. 'What kind

solve anything. No matter how difficult the situation was, she was ready to stand by Jacob's side and face the music.

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