Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 275 A New Life

By the time they finished the hot pot, most of the people in the restaurant had left. Sara, Jacob, Noah, and Bess already had drunk three bottles of juice. Sara was holding the glass of juice in her hand, wanting to have another sip of it before she left the place.

However, Jacob stood up and wrapped his arms around her. "How are you doing, my darling?"

Bess and Noah smiled at each other. "You two have been together a long time, and yet you, can't keep your hands off each other!" Bess exclaimed.

Jacob and Sara gave her a smile. Neither of them cared about what Bess thought of their love, so they did not take her words to their heart.

"This restaurant has amazing food, you can bring us here anytime!" Sara said in a serious tone, but she was grinning like a child. It was a pleasant day that made her happy.

"That's great!" Jacob answered before he walked out of the restaurant, holding Sara's waist.

Bess and Noah were whispering in each other's ear, giggling.

"What are you two laughing at?" Jacob asked with a puzzled expression.

"We're laughing at you because Sara has got you wrapped around her finger now!" Saying that, Noah burst into laughter, but then, he became serious again, afraid that Jacob might get offended.

"She doesn't have me wrapped around her finger, we just respect each other. You get it, don't you, Noah? I am sure you understand that better than I do." Jacob hugged Sara even tighter.

"Yeah, I understand quite well," Noah replied. He then looked at Bess with a smile, who smiled back at him.

The four of them slowly walked out of the restaurant and came to their cars.

"Are you guys going home?" Noah asked as he looked at the sky, which was as dark as a black blanket.

"No, we have something else that we need to do. What about you two?" Jacob asked, placing his hands on Sara's shoulders. He did not want move even one step away from her.

"Bess is tired, so we're going home." Saying that, Noah opened the car door for Bess. Bess sat in the car and waved goodbye to Jacob and Sara.

Noah's car disappear around the corner. "Where are we going?" Sara asked all of a sudden,

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that?" Sara asked in confusion. Jacob's mysterious smile had piqued her interest.

once we get there." Jacob started the car, focusing on

end. And the harder one loves someone, the harder it is for them to joke to that

would wish that they were alone, but once he got to be alone with her, he would not

and blurted out, "I think I am dreaming. I don't know how we got back together again.

her words, Jacob tightened his grip on the steering

bird that has no feet? It just flies around all its life until it dies,"

bright eyes gleaming in the dark like gemstones.

has been right in front of me. I thought that I was destined

turned to look at her with a gaze that could melt

smiled shyly and said, "That's a

blushed deep red. Although it was dark, Jacob could imagine how cute

over his car, but it was not visible

the suburban area. The house looked just as dark

the villa in front of them as she wondered

inside." Jacob looked at Sara excitedly. He had bought the villa for her.

saw that she could not enter if her fingerprints

on the sensor," Jacob whispered in her ear and gave

you serious?" Sara asked in confusion as she placed her

An automated voice response

terrific! It can answer me, and it knows my name!" Sara said in surprise and turned

the lips before he took her inside the villa. The door automatically closed behind them.

surprise as she looked

hot pot we ate." Sara blushed, arousing his interest. She cast a

Jacob got close to her, his face just a few centimeters away from hers. He did not care

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