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Chapter 16 There Was Only One Chance

How could Sadie be calm? Her mind went blank while she was holding her phone.

Without this income, it would be harder for Sadie to clear her debt.

While Sadie was dazing, her phone rang. When Sadie realized it was Otto Newman’s phone number, she felt heartwarming. She picked up the phone, “Otto…”

It was already midnight there. Yet, Otto was still worrying about her matters.

“Sadie, I’m sorry. But I couldn’t help you anymore,” Otto spoke softly, with a somber tone. “My father had already figured out what I had done. He knew that I embezzled the funds.”

“It’s…it’s okay.” Sadie tried her best to speak normally. “Don’t worry, there is always a way.”

Although Sadie was disappointed, it was true that it was not Otto’s duty to help her.

“I had transferred 20,000 yuan to you, that’s my personal savings, you can use it to deal with your problems. I’ll find a way to help you.” Otto hung up the phone after he spoke.

Sadie looked at the darkened phone screen. Her legs were as heavy as lead. She sat on the bench under a tree blankly.

No time for Sadie to tidy up her mind, she got a call from the hospital. She was informed that Dean Esme’s body situation got worse. Sadie was asked to head to the hospital immediately.

Sadie was dazed while listening to the phone call. She felt so lethargic now. She stood up and walked away like a robot.

Sadie hailed a cab and headed to the hospital. Raya Duncan came over. Both of them met and consoled each other. They walked into the lift. None of them dared to inquire about the accident that happened.

Outside of the surgery room, when Sadie knew that Dean was sent into there for more than one hour, she almost fainted.

“Sadie, what happened to you?” Raya was shocked, she stood Sadie up. “Please don’t scare me, Dean is still having surgery, you can’t be in trouble right now.”

“I’m fine. Perhaps I had missed my breakfast, causing low blood sugar level.” Sadie was struggling to stand up with a bitter laugh.

It was okay if she fell sick, she could spend the 50 million yuan if she wanted. But Dean could not be like her.

her hand on Sadie’s forehead ensuring she had

Raya was stressed these few days. She comforted Raya. Then, Sadie took her

a place and sat down. She put her head

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time Sadie fell sick, it was Dean who looked after her for the whole night. If Sadie had a stomach ache, Dean would

had fulfilled the responsibilities of biological parents, she even did more than that. Dean

thought, her phone rang. Sadie noted it was Libby Webb and picked up the phone. “Sis, I’m in the hospital with Raya, Dean is still in the

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to bother about Libby. “Noted.” she hung up the phone,

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was Julian’s voice. Sadie was annoyed. She stared at him and pursed up

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cry just now. She just strained her shoulder, but this made Julian even

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barrier. She looked into the distance without any

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Sadie. “I can settle all the problems for

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her at the Chambers family for the first time, he had decided to let Sadie stay by his

this decision when he knew Sadie could save his

watched him coming closer. Her depression turned

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