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Chapter 21 What Did You Check

Julian didn’t even give her any time to think, he went up to her to help her up after the phone call and said, “Let’s go home.”

Sadie tried to push him away. She had a bleak expression on her face as she said, “Please watch where you are touching, don’t take advantage of me.”

“Watch where I’m touching you say?” There was a concealed look of amusement in Julian’s eyes, he darkened his expression and said intimidatingly, “Are you coming or not?”

Sadie felt frightened seeing his angry face, her nerves were set on edge and she felt a shiver down her spine.

How could she forget that Julian’s nickname in the business world was the lord of death? Nothing benefits her to go head-to-head with him.

She paused briefly and decided to keep her temper in check. She tried to be obedient and she grabbed his arm to sit up.

Libby had no proof of what she said, and it was the solid truth and fact that Dean Esme was always nice to her.

Even if…even if she were nice to Sadie just for the money, she would still be grateful to her.

Julian bend over and pressed his forehead against hers to check her temperature. He then carried her princess-style after confirming that her fever had gone down.

“What are you doing…” Sadie squealed with her heart in her throat.

“Carrying you.” Julian looked down and saw that Sadie’s face had turned bright red. There was a hint of delight in his eyes, “I told you already, practice makes perfect.”

She actually blushed, would she actually kill him out of embarrassment if she knew what they were going to do tonight?

Julian got out of the car first when they arrived at ZSB Garden. He waited for her to get out of the car herself, he then held her hand and walked into the living room together with her unhurriedly.

The living room looked different than in the morning, it became an actual living space again. The decorations were all packed away.

Sadie was feeling dizzy as she walked up the stairs with Julian. Someone brought clothes to the room and Sadie realized that the clothes were all for her.

that someone changed her clothes for her in the hospital earlier today. She

the most natural thing to say. He turned his head and ordered the servants to

was worried that he was the one that

a book that was lying around the area and she started to yawn.

took some flu pills after leaving the hospital,

shoulder suddenly sank, she could smell the clean scent

down slightly with his rough fingers and slowly increased his pressure while going over the scar on the birthmark

breath, sweat started

she thought

said Julian emotionlessly as he pressed his lips together. “Other than that,

of her. As long as he was home, he would go get her from kindergarten. He never asked someone else to look after her

he said, she looked shocked, “You…what did

indeed the one that changed her clothes,

now very close to hers. His deep dark eyes were beaming, “I was checking

other side. Her face was as red as a tomato, “Are you crazy?

bastard! Taking advantage of

pulled out a drawer. He took out the document that she signed this morning and gave it to her nonchalantly, “This

moment she lowered her head. He raised his brow and said, “I forgot, you

wouldn’t have signed it if only she knew that was

sharp pain in her heart thinking about Otto, who was coming

long as she

the table, he smiled plainly and walked away. He opened the

really want to stand up. She walked behind him

she walked down the stair. Suddenly,

eat anything since the morning and had several bags of drips

fever went down but her head still hurt. Her head

his hands, he held the fork and knife up elegantly. “Go shower and sleep after you eat. The driver will send you to school tomorrow

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