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Chapter 25 Your Parents

As Julian saw her reaction, the corners of his lips curled up and a meaningful smile displayed on his face. “We’re a couple, it’s normal for us to stay close. It would only be abnormal if we don’t.”

With that, he cornered her in the elevator, pressed his hands against hers like a bolt of lightning, and kissed her gently on the lips.

Sadie gritted her teeth and opened her eyes wide with anger.

Julian blinked, his long eyelashes brushing her face in an attempt to tease her. He didn’t move, pressing half the weight of his slender, well-built body against her, with no intention of leaving.

After a few moments of staring at each other, the elevator reached the 23rd floor and a crisp sound rang out.

Julian stood up straight and naturally put his arm around her shoulders, leading her out of the elevator. She was not short, but still looked like a lovable little woman when she stood next to him.

Esme was not in the ward, after asking the nurse, Sadie turned and left.

Libby called her this morning and said that she had come to the hospital to sign a medical crisis notice and that Dean Esme’s condition was still not expected to be good.

They went up to the 28th floor in dead silence. Sadie was taken by Julian to the ICU duty office to ask the doctor on duty about Dean Esme’s condition.

“It’ll take two more days of observation to know the results.” The doctor sneaked a glance at Julian and said in a businesslike tone, “Visiting hours are over, please come back tomorrow.”

Sadie thanked the doctor, turned around and walked out of the office blankly.

There were still observations to be made, which meant the situation was really not good, but from the doctor’s attitude, it seemed that the treatment would still continue.

And she had to continue to live a life filled with untold suffering, and still had to ingratiate herself with Julian. Only then would he be willing to help her.

Walking out of the doctor on duty’s office, Sadie loosened her lips that were tightly bitten together and said in a weak tone, “Where’re we going now?”

“Of course we’re going home.” Julian was in a happy mood. She was so funny, of course it would be more interesting to go home and make fun of her.

elevator, he naturally took her hand and enclosed her in his arms, not allowing her to escape from

that his force gradually increased. Her face then took on

responded with his eyes downcast to survey her, then threw out

liked it! Sadie clenched her teeth, trying her best to suppress her anger. “Here’s a public place. Please watch


Julian agreed with her words, then dragged her even closer to him and wrapped his hands around her shoulders. “This’s a public place,

raised her head in


notice posted on the elevator door: Dear parents, please take care of your children

trance. She was chilled by his lame joke, and almost responded to

really was

22nd floor. As soon as the door opened, the bodyguards poured in. Julian immediately grabbed her shoulders and turned her around with one arm around her shoulders and the other around her waist, forbidding her to see who had entered

had calculated the time and brought her here on purpose, but unfortunately Otto

that shouldn’t have been taken. If

to the

all the way, deliberately not letting her turn

straight from the set today. I don’t expect the reporter to be so well-informed either.” Sara held Otto’s arms and her voice was so coquettish that no one could bear to

as Otto’s slightly tired voice came to her ears, “Melissa,

that Sara was just her stage name. She was the oldest daughter of the Brooks family, her real name was Melissa Brooks,

a well-known TV host,

were childhood friends and grew up together, so there should be nothing unusual

Sara’s face gleamed with a smile,

“Alright.” Otto’s voice deepened.

they both walked out of the elevator intimately while Sara’s giggles echoed all the

elevator as if nothing had happened, but then

ache as she


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