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Chapter 37 Can't Lose Her

She still didn't have many classes to attend. Probably because she didn't live in the dorm anymore, Paige didn't continue to give her a hard time. However, she always said something she didn't understand at all.

She asked Daisy about it, but Daisy also said she couldn't understand it. So Sadie stopped asking.

However, when she thought of Otto, her heart still hurt. She felt as if her heart was empty and could not be filled.

Julian was away on business, and she felt as if time had passed much faster. In a flash, it was Saturday. Sadie spent the night reading and memorizing English, and studied until midnight before falling asleep. When she woke up it was already ten o'clock in the morning.

She changed her clothes and went down, and saw Julian sitting in the dining room. At once, a chill ran down her spine.

He had been gone for two days. She almost thought he wasn't coming back.

"Come here." It was as if Julian had eyes behind his back. He said in a calm tone. "You've had a cold for a week. Haven't you gotten over it yet?"

Sadie took a deep breath and stepped away hesitantly. "I'm much better. It's just that my throat isn't quite right yet."

She took her place beside him. Looking at his nice, clean hands, she was afraid he would suddenly reach out his hand.

"Go wash your hands and eat your breakfast. I'll take you to Cohen later," Julian said with a wry smile as he sat unmoving.

Sadie nodded, then turned her head away with a disgusted look.

Julian turned slightly sideways. His eyes chased her back, while his eyes grew a little darker.

He made a trip back to City A. The girl that the Chambers family sent over really did look exactly like her, including their little gestures. If he didn't distinguish carefully, he wouldn't be able to tell which one of them was the real one.

Fortunately, he found her first. Otherwise, he might go back this time and really fall into the trap and not be able to get out.

A few moments later, Sadie returned from washing her hands. She pulled out the chair next to him and sat down nicely.

He disappeared for the past two days to prepare for Cohen to hypnotize her, right? Why else would he have taken her to Cohen as soon as he returned?

It was good since he did that. She inquired about Dean Esme's treatment, and there was nothing wrong with it. There was just one thing that struck her as odd.

apparent reason, the officials had shut down the orphanage, and all the children had been

but unfortunately, there was only one new gatekeeper at the home who didn't know anything. She contacted her colleagues at Milra Wedding Dress Store, but they also said they

old gatekeeper and learned that the orphanage had been shut down for several days. She searched

paranormal event had occurred. The whole orphanage was empty overnight, and no

two days." Julian lifted the bowl in front of him. His gaze was dark and inscrutable as he surveyed

result of forcibly swallowing

so serious when he was talking nonsense? They had only not seen each other for two days, how could he possibly see that she had

over. He looked

water and tilted her head back to take

his eyes and fell

down. Julian was answering the phone. His dark eyebrows were deeply knitted and

opened the door

walked too fast and when she went down the steps, she stumbled

very strange image came to her mind. She saw Libby pass out, and saw police cars driving into the orphanage, along with countless

a statement." The female police officer's voice was gentle

suddenly disappeared. It was as if everything that had

She spoke mechanically, "Is there something going on at the orphanage that I don't know

makes you think that?" Julian noticed that she looked pale. The frown

doctor said that her memory would be

head. She decided to call the police station herself

mind on the fly and told her to go to the hospital for a

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minutes, they were under the outpatient clinic. She unbuckled her seatbelt and went down, glancing at Julian, who

healthy and well, she really had the illusion that she

she was immediately taken by the nurse for

Cohen to come over and briefly described her condition. His displeasure spread unconcealed. "Immediately

the hypnosis effect is not satisfactory, her

is already confused now." Julian's voice was cold. "Cohen, I can't lose her

his mouth and swallowed the words

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