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Chapter 54 Give You A Chance

Otto and his entourage crowded together noisily. It was unsure whether they had just got off the plane or getting ready to board. The woman standing beside him had long legs, a thin waist and was pretty and pale. Her chest was voluminous, seemed to be at least a size 38D.

Sadie glanced sideways while she stood on the ramp, and was subsequently embraced by Julian. They got into the car that came to fetch them as soon as they got off the plane, and departed to the mansion by the sea.

He said that this mansion had been built for many years and was always empty, he knew that she was feeling gloomy and so he brought her here to relax.

Hearing this, she just smiled and did not treat him seriously.

To be so caring towards a substitute that was playing along with him, who was in fact consoled, she was no fool. City C was a city well known for tourism, and was a vacation haven that the rich in the country preferred. The advertisements for the mansions by the sea was fully pasted in every large city, but the people who have seen the real thing were few.

If it was not for Talia’s frequent mentions that she wanted to earn money to buy a mansion here for her retirement, this was merely the name of a place to her, and she knew nothing else.

“What are you thinking?” Julian opened his spectacles box, took out a pair of glasses and put it on above his nose. He seemed to be nonchalant, “I think I saw your ex-boyfriend just now.”

Sadie turned on instinct, her pupils contracted as she stared at the side of his face expressionless. “What are you trying to say?”

“The girl beside him has a nice figure,” Julian smiled lightly as he turned suddenly to kiss her forehead softly. “Feeling sad?”

Sadie pushed him away and turned her face away angrily, “That’s none of your business!”

Julian lowered his gaze and his eyes curled interestedly, and he sat back down.

Khalid had found out about the man that followed them before they came here, coincidentally, the man behind it was Otto.

Yet the run-in at the airport was indeed a coincidence.

No one spoke for a while, and the inside of a car was oddly silent.

When they reached the mansion by the sea, the sky was already completely dark, the starlight shone above their heads.

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nine at night. Sadie was so tired she kept yawning, but she did not expect that he suddenly took off his tie and blindfolded her eyes, not

quite flustered, feeling that her hands were tied as well. She

her shoulders, and took her into his arms from the back. His cleanly shaven chin rubbed against the

darkness, and her heartbeat sped up for

Julian held onto her and slowly walked into the living room. He said in a low

let go. Shocking veins popped on the back of her

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