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"We are going bowling today! "Jabe cheered like a child. Like seriously, this guy is really a kid. I just shook my head as Gabe kept playing with my hair curls and I looked over at Jace who was already looking at me??

I narrowed my eyes at him and raised a brow. Once he noticed I had caught him staring, he looked away and I was sure I saw a faint pink on his cheeks. Was Jace blushing?? Did he like me back too?

I giggled at the thought of him blushing and Gabe looked at me raising a brow. "I hope you are okay? "

I nodded and chuckled a little. "Now, Iri why are you giggling again? Don't tell me you have gone behind my back to kiss someone. "

I looked up and glared at him. How dare he?! Even if he was my fake boyfriend, I wouldn't still cheat on him. But I don't know about him and I shrugged. "I didn't kiss anyone, I can't say about you. "

"Oh my God! "Gabe said in an irritating high pitched voice trying to mimic girls when they are excited or surprised and everyone gave him a confused look. He ignored them and looked at me. "Do you think so low of me? "He asked frowning.

I shrugged. "Um... I don't know, cause the way you danced with Regina that night at our game night.... it was... "I shrugged again.

I felt his chest vibrate since my held were there for a reason I don't know. I looked at him and saw him laughing! He was laughing at me and then I frowned. "Oh my... Is that jealousy I smell there? "He still chuckled not ending his amusement.

hit his arm. "You wish! Me? Jealous of Regina? Jealous, my ass. " I snort and looked away abandoning my fries in front

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"I looked at him with wide eyes half yelling and whispering. What the hell

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closer to him. He brought his lips behind my

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why? He will always continue to put his hand back there. All

a raised eyebrow, amusement dancing in his eyes. I looked at him in confusion but he just smirked. What was he planning? But thank

I gulped the punch remaining in my mouth and almost choked. I dropped the punch and glared at Gabe who was talking casually to Scott acting innocent as if nothing is

only grabbed it harder. I glared at his side, he wasn't the owner of any part of my body!! Being his

butt really hard but not to cause pain and I yelped, a small squeak coming out of my mouth. Everyone on

me that while others gave me confused and concern look. Even the devil himself, Gabe was looking at me with confused look

Damn him!

them a 'I am fine.' look. After they took their gaze away from me, I glared up

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