Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 20 Kiss Scene

Emily was fond of talking and laughing, very lively, and seemed to be easy to get in touch with. Her office was on the side of the Murphy's. If the door was not closed, the two office could see each other.

The girl felt that it was not easy to get close to him. There was no trouble in the company at present, and she hoped that it could go on like this.

All the actors and actresses signed in the company were directed by the chief editor. The chief editor took a fancy to these talents and needed to train them. One day, they would become superstars.

Emily was no exception. The shooting of the new play was very successful and went on smoothly. After a meeting of the senior executives, they decided to arrange an assistant for Emily.

Cecilia was arranged to be Emily's personal assistant.

Nora and Cecilia got along well with each other. This time, Cecilia had also become an assistant. The two of them had a more common topic. They had an appointment after work and went to dinner together.

In a small restaurant, there were two women whispering and laughing.

The two ordered a plate of spicy shrimps, two dishes and a bottle of red wine. It was also a celebration for the completion of the shooting. Being an assistant like Nora for Cecilia was also worth celebrating.

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