Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 24 Feeling

It seemed that it was because he was recuperated by Nora in the hospital, Murphy's body was much better than before. He had endless strength all day long, and he didn't know how to feel tired.

When he was discharged from the hospital, he stayed in the studio for a few days, making up the scenes he had been sick before.

To the director's surprise, the new play was completed several days in advance.

Seeing that Murphy has recovered so well, Nora was gratified.

He was so serious in the shooting, and has been appreciated by the director and recognized by the sponsor. Now he only needed to follow the lead.

The name of the new play was "Sigh! Our Youth."

No one expected that the release of the new play would set a record for the first time at the box office. It was unprecedented applauding. With the help of the new play, Murphy and Emily became famous overnight.

In particular, Murphy had become the idol of thousands of girls overnight.

It was a suspense that how many times his status has increased all of a sudden. Ryan was delighted secretly. He wanted to make Murphy a top star in the field of shadow vision with all his strength.

All kinds of directors' calls, scriptwriter's e-mails, sponsor's invitation, artist's worship and fans' craziness made Ryan feel unprecedentedly pride and pride.

Nora was extremely busy from morning to night. Sometimes she had to work overtime and felt so sleepy.

She received e-mails and fans' calls every day. She had to answer them patiently, and her head was about to explode.

However, even if she was so busy every day, she would clean the office and make coffee for Murphy without sugar continually.

It became a part of her life.

Now, Murphy had to wear sunglasses when he went out. He was self-willed and never allowed bodyguards to follow him, except Ryan or Nora.

Beijing asked you out for tea. I've helped you cancel everything else. This is the arrangement of

and shoes for Murphy

had to consider everything carefully and not to miss

that Murphy went to see this time was known to both Ryan and he before. When he was a minor supporting role, it

me. He didn't


How could a few ordinary people

fat face and he forced a disgusting smile on his face,

each other briefly. Mr. Zhao couldn't wait to

thick stack of manuscript and handed it to Murphy flatteringly. His mouth was full of yellow teeth, which made people feel extremely uncomfortable.

the time being and give me more

don't remember. Your manuscript was

scriptwriter bowed his head and said in a low voice, "Brother Murphy, you don't know that

gate. No one knew what would happen tomorrow. So pray for yourself!

mean to embarrass Mr. Zhao. He really couldn't bear the moment when Mr. Zhao humiliated him. Mr. Zhao said

been working hard to improve himself to the best. No one could

of Mr. Zhao's work declined sharply. No one used his script to act, and he was also in trouble

and found Murphy, hoping to make a comeback through his power. He also


but you correct it immediately.

many years. It may not be too late to correct your mistakes when you find that others are good for you.

a word for a long time. He knew that there was also a fragile side of Murphy's heart. Maybe it was a good

time, Ryan also believed in the ability of Mr.

angry as before, Ryan said, "The past is the past. It's

hopeful. Yes, everyone made mistakes before! Just give him

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