Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 27 Go On

There were some things that could be successful with persistence, and there were some things that would make you more hateful, such as Hal who with two little eyes.

On the third day.

Outside the Daniel's Agency, something romantic happened, but it made Nora feel embarrassed.

Everyone in this company was working in an orderly way. Occasionally, they would hear a light cough, and occasionally hear the sound of walking back and forth. The whole company was full of harmony.

While everyone was working enthusiastically, a roar broke the silence of the whole building.

"Nora, I like you. Please accept me and be my girlfriend."

The people upstairs were all confused. They put down their work and wanted to know what was going on.

It turned out that there was a delivery man standing downstairs holding a loudspeaker in his hand. Beside him, there were nine hundred and ninety-nine roses. It was said that nine hundred and ninety-nine roses meant forever. It made all the women jealous.

He continued shouting downstairs.

"Nora, I like you."

Every few minutes, a sentence would come up, and the rehearsal was very rhythmic.

Most girls would be moved to tears by such a way of pursuing girls, but it didn't work for Nora.

Originally, she thought that the delivery guy would leave after she ignored him, but it was not as simple as she thought.

He shouted every three minutes.

And then he shouted again after five minutes.

The sound was so harsh that it made people feel annoyed.

It was immoral for the delivery guy to do so. He disturbed others and affected their normal work, but it was her fault. She had to solve it.

as if nothing had happened,

like an ant on a hot pot, on pins and needles. She stood


the corridor? As soon as she went out, they looked

moment, she didn't listen to them at all.

everyone in the company knew

air was full of embarrassment.

ran downstairs in one breath and stood in front of the delivery man.

she admire or blame him for accepting


you Miss Nora?" The delivery guy asked and felt something was wrong.

suddenly occurred to her.

signed a bunch of roses he sent. He asked awkwardly with

guy, Nora felt both angry and funny.

could there be such a boring

customer said that no one came down to sign for it, so I need to keep shouting until someone

sign for this order. Just return it! I don't know the person who

this order. If you don't sign, you can

was so annoying to have such an unreasonable

she had no choice but to sign

smile, leaving Nora standing still with a

looking at Nora. They were the two security guards who were about to kick the

were so dazzling that seemed

said Nora, stopping the two security

many roses and how to explain to their wives were the most important things

left and went back to their work.

be the one they talk about after dinner.

the door of her office, she found that Murphy looked

was filled

the room was so quiet that even the sound of breath could be heard, and even a needle dropping to the ground could be heard. Just as Nora was trying

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