Hard To Say Goodbye

Chapter 41 Change

After getting along with each other for a long time, they would gradually have good impression.

No matter how cold, unruly, willful, supercilious or arrogant you were, you couldn't escape from the traps of love.

Because only people in the world had thoughts and emotions.

Once the person fell into the whirlpool of love, it was difficult for him to extricate himself from it, and he would be stuck in this whirlpool even deeper and deeper.

A rational person could make himself less painful.

People who were impulsive could fall into the abyss. It was irreparable and he would live a painful life.

Of course, she wanted to make more friends. Who didn't want to? However, she was destined to be lonely because of her bad temper and personality. Every time in the midnight, she always wanted to have a shoulder to lean on. It was said that girls were animals gathered together.

But in the company, Laquisha only had a friend, Ryan. Every time she got off work, the employees would go off work in groups. Only she was so arrogant and came and went alone.

All these had a lot to do with a person's experience.

Some people looked like she was difficult to get along with when you saw her at the first glance, and some people gave people the feeling that they were so approachable.

Especially in the entertainment circle, it's impossible to be too willful and popular. No one likes you. How can you stop in the entertainment circle? That's impossible.

To make friends, you had to give up your dignity and stay with the people around you.

It was never too late to learn.

It had been three or four days since she came back from abroad. Ryan had come up with an idea for her. Since she came back in a hurry, she had a lot of things to deal with, so she had no chance to talk with others.

held by Ryan. In his name, he was going to welcome Laquisha come back to the LD Hotel at seven o'clock

had done for her in the past few years.

in mind

crew had received the

innocently. Now Nora was invited to a party. She didn't know what Laquisha was

to her in person and said, "You must arrive at

card was put on the desk

hand and a chin in the other, Nora was sitting

If she didn't go, she wouldn't give face to Ryan. Then she would have a hard time in the company in the future. He would definitely make

on the table, he said, "What's wrong again?" He threw the invitation

Nora couldn't figure out whether

looked at her and said, "Let's go together tomorrow night. Wait

I see." Said Nora.

the newly ironed clothes for Emily and was about to send

a gesture of making a phone call,

had prepared clothes for Emily, Nora remembered her dereliction of duty. She hurried to Murphy and said softly, "President Murphy is going

whatever I like. It's not a big party,"

Murphy didn't like the party at all. If they weren't

She said that she wanted to go to LD Hotel with her after work tomorrow.

so she had to reply to Cecilia. Tomorrow night, she would go with President Murphy. She agreed before, and she hoped that Cecilia

She would not care about it. On the contrary, it was Nora. She was afraid that Cecilia would misunderstand her relationship with Murphy, so she kept explaining. But she did not know that the more she explained, the more hard for

simple things were


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