Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 4 Don't Be Proud of Your Favour

Aimee came back to the Reed family this afternoon, and as soon as she walked in the door, she saw her sister, Jaylah Read, sitting on the couch with an atlas in her hand, sketching away.

When he saw her walk in, he lifted his eyes and his voice carried some gloating, "I heard you've been to the Hayden family, how was it, how did the Haydens treat you?"

Although Jaylah is in the mindset of watching a good show, he still wants to do a good job on the surface.

Aimee looked up at her, her tone warm and light, "It's not bad."

At least, Grandpa treated her well.

Jaylah observed Aimee's expression and saw that she did not have any smug look, then he put down his heart, put the picture book aside and said, "Aimee ah, in fact, you married Master Patrick of Hayden family is not a loss at all, you see you are so obsessed with your work, normal men can not You can't stand it, you marry him is different, you can do whatever you want, it's all up to you."

Aimee did not make a sound, to Jaylah this kind of cool talk, has long been used to hear, for her, it does not hurt at all.

She just waited quietly for Jaylah's next words, which she would never have said to herself in the past.

Today so patiently to say this to himself, must have another purpose.

As you know, Globalhive Pictures is managed by Patrick's brother, Miles Hayden, and they've recently been working on a big IP. They are planning to make a big IP, the female lead is especially suitable for me, our two families are relatives, Aimee, you go and Miles say, let him give me that role."

Aimee wrinkled her brow imperceptibly, shocked by Jaylah's taken-for-granted remark.

She pursed her lips for a long time before saying, "Jaylah , I've only met the old Hayden and Master Patrick now, and as for, the one you mentioned, I won't necessarily see it."

Even if she met, she didn't think she would be able to say anything.

heard that she was going to reject her meaning and immediately

have to understand, I'm your sister, the Reed family has raised you until now, and you're pushing and

you, Aimee, you have to do this for me, and if you don't see Miles, you go talk to the old Hayden, and I don't believe

this has always been the only Jaylah, really can not

some time in the living room, Aimee went back

old suitcase, put her few belongings in it, and left the

move to Hayden's Mansion so soon, but she was so interested in

did not like her, so after settling her things, Aimee went

and even, in order not to wake up the bed with the sound of walking, Aimee deliberately put her shoes on and walked into

eyes were first on Patrick's face for half a day to make sure Patrick was sleeping before

out of sight

talent, in the dark, her eyesight will not be affected in any way, even reading and writing is not

time every day, basically an hour or two is enough for her to recover her

hides well, in order to

house as if she were walking under the

of the instruments, but just looked carefully at each of them, noting down

was the first time she touched Patrick's room, so she was very careful not to wake him

over at Patrick again and was slightly relieved to find that he was still sleeping as smoothly as when

but finally went to

point on, yes indeed, he looked

of paraplegic patients, after lying for so long, although not

looks, however, very

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