Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 14 Call me sister-in-law

Aimee's hand squeezed the spoon and looked towards the door suspiciously.

Riley's voice came in through the crack in the door that wasn't closed, "Miss Casey , of course it's no problem if you want to go in, it's just that, Miss Barr she can't."

"Riley, why are you acting like this, Elsie is here with me to see Pat, she is so dedicated, how can you not let her in." Casey Puckett said petulantly, looking at her embarrassed bosom friend.

Although she has been in awe of Riley since she was a child, she is really upset that he is so disrespectful to her.

Riley, knowing Casey's nature, said patiently, "Miss Casey, Master Patrick does need to rest, and old Hayden told him not to let anyone disturb Master Patrick's rest."

"Then I can always go in by myself, really, Elsie is not an outsider, and Grandpa is too unreasonable." Casey said.

Before she pushed the door in, she gave Elsie Barr a wink that meant to tell her that she would call her in later.

Elsie carried the insulated bag in her hand and hesitated for a moment, but did not hand it to Casey.

It was cooked by her and she had to hand it over to Pat herself to make it happen.

She had heard from Casey before that Pat had hardly eaten since his accident. She had specially gone to a top chef to teach her how to make soup, and she believed that once Pat tasted her soup, he would definitely regain his appetite and understand how much she meant to him.

Casey opened the door and shouted enthusiastically toward Patrick, "Pat, I'm here to see you."

Only, instead of Patrick's concern for her, she was met with a room full of weirdness.

with a beautiful woman standing beside it, holding a bowl and squeezing a spoon

her grandfather, sitting aside on top of the sofa, full of love, was filled with

it all incredulously for a long time, before

a strange woman

a sense of menace, and her eyes fell on Aimee's with irritation, questioning, "Who are you?

by this girl with little manners. Instead of answering Casey's question, she scooped up another spoonful of millet porridge and fed

Patrick basically didn't eat much,

is not impossible, but the energy that food can provide to his body is something that nutritional solutions

that Patrick can eat

lightly raised, looking at Aimee that little porcelain white face, now very close to his own, so that he can see clearly her

a long time, so she brought the spoon to his lips again

"Not yet." Patrick said.

the spoon into his mouth and took the millet

he knows, this is Riley personally cooked, the taste

for some reason, Patrick felt that today's millet porridge was

bites, and Patrick finished the bowl

grandson eat, he hung so long heart, finally put down

wiped Patrick's mouth, but saw Patrick

asked suspiciously, "What's

not enough to eat."

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