Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 25 Miss Read her, pinch you

Back at Hayden's Mansion, Aimee runs into Casey as soon as she enters the door.

Seeing her enter, Casey rolled his eyes at her, grunted, and then, turned around and ran away.

Aimee looked at Casey's back speechlessly, having a headache with this spoiled child.

After returning to her room and putting her things away, Aimee went to Patrick's room.

Although Aimee felt speechless after she lost her temper towards herself during the massage in the morning, she still had to do her best to perform the image of a good wife.

Only, as soon as she entered, Aimee met Patrick's playful, inquisitive eyes.

She was now even more certain in her heart that Patrick, one hundred percent, had found out that she was in his room at night making small movements.

However, since he won't break it down, she continues to play dumb too.

She walked over, her eyes clear and innocent, her voice gentle as water, "Master Patrick , are you feeling well today? Let me give you a massage."

Patrick said to Aimee, with a slight hook at the corner of his mouth, "Not bad."

Aimee asked, pretending to be surprised, "Is there something good going on? It looks like you're in a good mood today."

"Found a very crafty cat, thought it was funny and wanted to tease her more." Patrick said.

Aimee is lifting the quilt hand unconsciously clenched, clenched into a small fist look.

hadn't been clutching the blanket to distract her, she really


she did not beat him to death because

a little angel with a beautiful heart and the greatest love

lifted the covers to reveal Patrick's left

were resting last night, that's why I didn't come,

so well behaved and obedient

do what you should do every day, will not make up the next

tensed her lips, really


think she

laughed dryly and didn't say anything, just focused on giving Patrick a

help but sneak a pinch on Patrick's

the pain, so he's still letting

on his calf, although, from her angle,

had already told Trace to recount all Aimee's little actions

Patrick heard Trace say to him inside the headset, "Master

is small, with

his gaze fell on Aimee's face

trouser leg for him, ready to

of us are now

halting, and she looked towards Patrick suspiciously and asked with a sarcastic smile, "What do you

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