Healing my disabled husband

Chapter 33 took a black rose out of his arms


The auction, the last lot has been called at one and a half billion eight hundred million.

Matilda instructed Kareem to continue to raise the price, and unlike the previous increase, which was directly doubled, the current increase was only to 1.585 billion.

The Hank family representative was already red-faced with anger and hated the mystery man in the VVIP room.

Originally, for this lot they were bound to get it, and at most they only wanted to give 300 million yuan, moreover, they had all the upper and lower levels in order, and all the people would give way to them, so that they could get this lot easily.

It didn't occur to them that such a person would appear halfway through the process, as if he had deliberately fought with them, and no matter how much they raised the price, they raised it upwards at double the price.

It was not until after they raised the price to 1.3 billion that they tightened up.

Originally, the Hank family people had thought that this uneducated person was no longer able to keep up with their financial resources, and they were still in a position to win.

Who would have thought that the man had changed his strategy and started to raise the price by five million five million, deliberately working against them and playing with them.

This made them even angrier.

Several times, people from the Hank family had gotten up from their seats and wanted to rush to the VVIP room to see who this guy really was and why he didn't just quote a price they couldn't keep up with if they were really going to get this lot.

However, they were not able to do so.

Once this is done, then all things are really foregone.

Matilda shake the red wine glass, look at Hank family that person has been angry to twisted expression, face floating a mockery to.

She suddenly became playful and said to Kareem, "Here's the deal, next time you raise the price, you raise it by one dollar."

good." Kareem turned his head over to look at the goblin-like woman, who was genuinely

a look at the enemy, he used to think that Aimee that princess is difficult, and now there

"What's wrong with that? If they can't bear it, it's their own psychological problem, what does

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price increase, add to 1.6 billion are to take a while, so a dollar a dollar

took a sip of red wine, thought about it, and said, "Forget it, then, let's add

to 1.59 billion, so they reach 1.6 billion directly,

is called warm water boiling frog, anyway, we are not in a hurry, to

and suddenly she didn't want to work for Aimee

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at Asa's face with a bitter expression, laughed lightly and said, "Okay, okay, give them a

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and drinking the wine in her glass, Matilda left

from Aimee, as well as the personnel prepared

is really blood money, even mercenaries are prepared thirteen, plus the top killers on the black network, it can be

a pity that these people have run

personally cultivated those few death squads, but the ability to dump those mercenaries and killers a few

hid them, otherwise, just the ones on the killer list, in order to get to the top, are going after


message to Aimee, "You're working too hard for Patrick, this configuration, you're not

good job for me, if it's not done, I'll take you as

Matilda's mouth twitched and she said, "Aimee, this is simply inhumane, to threaten her

Aimee had changed and was

away her teasing of Aimee, Matilda adjusted

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