His Choice Forever

Chapter 4 Chapter 4

School had closed and I was waiting for daddy to come and pick me up. He came but the car scent wasn't nice anymore. It was a mixture of ciggarate and alcohol. We drove off but we didn't take the road which led to our house.

"Daddy, where are we going?" I asked confused.

"Baby, am taking you somewhere that is going to be very fun for you and also me"

"Really?!!!" I said excitedly.

"Yes. Now sit down and hold on. We are going to have a lot of Fun especially you". I was so happy. I and daddy are going to have fun. Its being long since we did something fun together.

It was a dark alley we went to but then I didn't see any fun place so I was confused.

"Daddy, I thought we were going to have fun?" I asked.

"Yes baby, we are. Now, get down from the Car so I can carry you" daddy never carried me but I was happy we were going to have fun. We entered the dark place. There was only a dim light which made the place a little bright and there was also a bed and I became more confused. When I turned to ask daddy what we were doing here, I saw him taking off his trousers and removing his shirt and I became scared.

"Daddy, why are you removing your clothes. I thought we were going to have fun."

"Yes baby and this is the fun". He pushed me forcefully to the bed and started touching me in places I didn't like.

"Daddy, what are you doing?. Get off me!" I said and tried to get out of his grip but then he pinned me harder to the bed and put his lips on mine. I was so scared. He took my first kiss. My father was my first kiss.

"Daddy, stop!!!"

"Baby, we'll soon be having fun"

"Someone help!!!" I screamed

"Oh baby, at this side of the town, no one will hear your screams so just shut up before I loose my temper. Now, let's continue." He was about to kiss me again when I spat on him.

"Tsk tsk. You shouldn't have done that. Now, am angry with you and you deserve a punishment for that" he slapped me and kicked me and beat me up till I almost passed out.

"Now we're done for today. You know you can't tell anyone about this. Not even your mummy cause if you do, I will kill you. If they ever catch me. your mine baby. Your mine. you can't ever love someone because I'll kill him and I'll kill you baby. I'll kil-" I woke up panting. It was all just a dream Emilia. He's no more around. He can't hurt you anymore. Your safe. I got out of bed and checked the time. It was 6:30 in the morning and I still had time before I left for work. I decided to go out for a run but I had to be careful so I wore my wig and lenses cause you never know.

I allowed the fresh breeze to touch me as I ran and I didn't know when I hit a wall. Gosh, I am so clumsy. I was creeped out because the wall had legs and so I looked up to see if it was a magic wall and the world had turned into a dark magic realm but then it was worse. He was standing in front of me looking irritated but soon it turned to a look of recognition and confusion.

"Miss Emily?" he said.

"Good morning sir" I said.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you my name. am your boss. My name is Scott Ryder, CEO of Ryder enterprises as you already know" oh god, I missed his voice. I missed it so damn much. Does he have to punish me more?.

"Miss Emily, are you okay?" I started feeling dizzy. I fainted but before I welcomed the darkness, a pair of strong arms caught me.

Emily!, Miss Emily!" And I welcomed




I opened my eyes again and blinked

apartment I had ever seen. It could buy my apartment more than 10 times and still have enough money to buy another beautiful apartment that could buy mine up to 5times. Well, that's according to my imagination. The memories came back from when I bumped into him to when I fainted.

am I?" I

in my


just brought you here" he said as a

and leave me there. I could've known

welcome" he said

to leave so badly, you can leave but I want you at the company 8:30 am sharp. I hate lateness and I won't tolerate it



time. I looked at my watch and saw it was 7:45 am. I was at the rich side in New York and I still didn't know my way round. I hailed a taxi and told him the only address I

ran and hugged me. Her eyes brimmed with tears and then I

Michelle cawd and said she wanted to talk to you but I couldn't find you so she came over. I was wowid" oh my God, I left her alone

run and then got lost on my way back" I lied. Couldn't tell her what happened.

don't ever diwappear again" she

looked up and saw Michelle giving me the most deadliest glare I had ever

mike your room?" Michelle said. They nodded

year old child alone Mia"

fault. I bumped into

"Really?. How come?"

guess what?. I fainted and then he held me as I fainted. He took

did he

in the

"Oh" she said

He is really annoying. Gosh, I

he stopped. He told himself he wasn't going to become like his dad. He started running the company but still sometimes met his sexual needs so

get ready. I have to be at the office at 8:30 and right now I only have

sure, no problem. Now, go get

was 8:25 already. I really should get my name written in the Guinness world book of records. haha, yeah right. When I reached the office, it was 8:50 already. I

my tracks as I tried to go to

Emily. I said you are late"

just I had

this is 8:50 right now. You are 20 minutes late. I don't care about your sister. I bet she's just as lazy as you. Your so poor you don't have money to buy an alarm clock. I really am surprised about how you got this job. I think

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