His Choice Forever

Chapter 8 Chapter 8

"Wh-what do you me-mean Beth's in the hos-hospital?" I said nervously.

"She had a hard time breathing and then fainted." She replied. I knew she sometimes couldn't breathe well but I just thought maybe it was because she was little.

"Ok. Ok. What's the name of the name of the hospital. I'm on my way." I said.

"St. Benedict's hospital." She said.

"Ok. I'm coming." I said and cut the phone. I went to the reception and saw Taylor was still there. I decided to tell her what happened.

"Taylor, I got to go. Beth's in the hospital." I told her. She widened her eyes.

"Oh my God. What happened to her?" She asked.

"She was finding it hard to breathe and fainted. I have to go Taylor. I'll talk to you later. By-"

"And if I may ask, where do you think your going miss Emily?" Scott said. Gosh, I didn't want him to know am leaving the office. I turned around and my eyes met with his.

"Sir, I have to leave. My sister's in the hospital. I have to go sir. Please." I pleaded.

"Its ok. I can take you if you want." He replied and I was surprised at his gesture. I nodded my head.

"Ok. Ok. Let's go." We left to the hospital. I think Scott was talking to me in the car but I didn't hear a word he was saying. I was just focused on Beth. Oh God, I hope she's okay. We reached the hospital and rushed to the reception. They told us the room number and we went there. My heart was beating really hard because we were at the front of the room and I was scared. I twisted the door knob and opened it. I could hear the beeping sound. I entered in slowly and there was my little baby sister lying down on the bed looking pale white. I clamped my mouth with my hands as soon as I saw her to stop me from bursting into tears. I saw Michelle beside her. Her head was on her bed and she was asleep while mike was on the only chair in the room also asleep. I went to Michelle and tapped her. She blinked her eyes and as soon as they landed on me, tears filled her eyes and then she started crying. It took me all in my power not to cry there.

"Hey, hey, common stop crying. It ok. Its ok." I said trying to calm her down and also me.

"What did the doctor say?" I asked.

said Beth's..." She stopped in

did the doctor say?" I

Beth's..." She stopped again.

"Just answer the ques-"

airpipe got cut off because she

also said that this will happen time to time but it won't that's if you'll be there with her 24/7." she added later on. I was speechless. My Beth's asthmatic. I can't believe this. I started feeling dizzy and was about

Beth's asthmatic." Those were the only




back immediately. Gosh, this sound should stop. I tried opening my eyes once more and then blinked few times t adjust to the light and I succeeded. I saw a figure on a seat sitting down with a blazer covering his head. I remembered Beth and then

out a frustrated groan which made me know I craved for water right now and also made the figure to wake up and to my surprise, it was Scott. I don't know

feeling?" He asked with his voice laced with

for me. I drank

I told him and remembered Beth. I tried getting up again but he

your going?" He said. I really wanted to glare at

to see Beth." I told him and tried getting up again but he held me

home so now you can rest." He

asked quickly as I tried getting up again but once again, Scott held me down and I gave him my full death glare but he returned with a very cute grin which made me almost smile but

you don't have to worry."

em- oh sorry, I'll come back later. Sorry, Excuse me." the doctor said going

don't have to leave. Please come in. What do you have to say?. Sorry once more." Scott said and I was surprised. Scott

because that's why she fainted. If she can be on a

I'll make sure that happens but I have a question " he

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