His Choice Forever

Chapter 20 Chapter 20

I started at the bed, feeling numb all of a sudden and almost immediately, I feel nauseous and throw up just by the wall in the warehouse.

"Hey are you okay?" Scott meets me and Michelle rubs my back and I nod. I look at Beth again as tears welled up in my eyes. This shouldn't have happened to her. She's just fourteen. I felt a hand on my shoulder and he gives it a squeeze. A gun clicks behind us and we all turn around to see a lady standing by the door. She looked like she was my age and she looked Indian or Muslim I don't know.... she just had really long and silky hair.

"Are you the kidnappers? Why did you kidnap this girl?" Scott took a step forward and she points the gun at him.


"We should be asking you that question.. are you part of the people who kidnapped her?" He says coolly, a sneer etched his face.

"This is her sister right here so why did you kidnap her?" She glances at me just for a second and that gives Scott a chance to come at her but she's too fast and quacks him, making him land on his back. Hard. Ouch. I rush to him immediately.

"Hey are you okay?" He groans in response and I look up, glaring at the bitch.

"What do you want from me? Why did you kidnap my sister? I don't even know you!"

"Apparently you're not her kidnappers then. Look, my name is Zainab Lawan and I'm a detective for the police department in Morocco. I came here because of a drug case and we've been looking for one of the dealers and fortunately, she came this way so I followed her here and when I entered into the warehouse, I saw the little girl here. When you guys came in, I thought you were part of the kidnappers but it didn't seem that way but then again, don't judge a book by its cover. I'm sorry though." I knew it. So she was Muslim. I finally remembered why I was here and so I rushed immediately to Beth.

girl.. I'll be back soon" and the Zainab

Beth... are you okay? Can you hear me?" Her eyes open for

that you?" She says

I looked at my sister and she couldn't even keep her eyes open for long. Her eyes open widely and before I know it, she's

back as she finishes. She cleans her mouth and when she turns to look at me, it's like she felt

me so hard

that way. She finally lets go of me and look

Scott.. my two favorite people" Michelle starts crying and she comes to hug Beth and

I smile at that. This was my family right

terrified. I slowly turn back and I see Taylor with a

the gun at

Calm down... what are you doing?" Scott says and then she starts

you Mia? Like Scott can take a bullet for you? Now that's just amazing! What does Blake and Scott see

about? Is that why you are

did but why did you have to take the one person I honestly loved? He was my one true love Mia and you took him from me." She says, sounding so broken. I didn't even know Blake

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